Cubitron II Fibre Roloc Discs - TR Button Attach
Dimensions of 3M 777F Roloc Grinding Discs - TR Attachment
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Cubitron II Fibre Roloc Discs - TR Button Attach

Premium Abrasive • Standard Roloc TR Threaded Plastic Button Attachment
By: 3M

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Featuring the revolutionary Cubitron™ II ceramic mineral, these are 3M's top-of-the-line Roloc™ grinding disc for medium to high pressure grinding applications on carbon steel when a smaller sized disc is needed.
Cubitron II Roloc Fibre Discs with the Roloc TR attachment offer outstanding performance and productivity. These premium discs feature precision-shaped ceramic abrasive grains which are engineered to cut exceptionally fast with less grinding pressure than competitive ceramic products, thus offering significant productivity gains.
The triangular shaped ceramic grain wears evenly, runs cooler, and optimizes mineral breakdown for up to five times the life of traditional discs.
• Ideal for aluminum, steel, and other metals, weld grinding, edge beveling, flame-cut edge clean-up, deburring, leveling hard fillers, etc.
• Self-sharpening - oriented triangular ceramic abrasive grains fracture with use to create new cutting edges
• Working surface remains cooler - reduces metal discoloration/oxidation and the chance of heat-related stress cracks
• Longer life - complete more work per disc and fewer disc changes
• Roloc TR threaded button attachment provides for easy disc changes between grades or applications
• Stiffer fiber backing and strong resin bond provide durability and tear-resistance for heavyweight applications
• Can be used wet or dry
• Note that "+" grits indicate abrasive particles of the specified grade, and finer
Heavy on the technical side...

Cubitron II is a revolutionary 3M™ precision-shaped ceramic grain technology.
It is engineered with mineral crystals that are sharp-edged, fast-cutting, and shaped like pyramids which are electrostatically oriented so they point upwards - like sharp peaks. The peaks act like individual cutting tools - slicing through metal, wearing evenly, running cooler, and providing super-long life and cutting consistency.
Mineral breakdown is optimized because, instead of getting rounded as they wear, the pyramids continuously fracture to form brand new, sharp, cutting edges — maximizing performance and disc life.
By contrast, conventional ceramic abrasive grain is irregular in shape. Instead of a clean slicing action, the grain "plows" through the metal, causing heat build up, slower cutting and shorter life. See illustration at left.
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441808MMM 33380 33380Loading...2" (50mm) Cubitron II Roloc TR Fibre Disc - 80+ Grit (15)Loading...
441807MMM 33379 33379Loading...2" (50mm) Cubitron II Roloc TR Fibre Disc - 60+ Grit (15)Loading...
441806MMM 33377 33377Loading...2" (50mm) Cubitron II Roloc TR Fibre Disc - 36+ Grit (15)Loading...
441811MMM 33392 33392Loading...3" (75mm) Cubitron II Roloc TR Fibre Disc - 80+ Grit (15)Loading...
441810MMM 33391 33391Loading...3" (75mm) Cubitron II Roloc TR Fibre Disc - 60+ Grit (15)Loading...
441809MMM 33389 33389Loading...3" (75mm) Cubitron II Roloc TR Fibre Disc - 36+ Grit (15)Loading...
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