Hookit Cubitron II Purple 8-Hole Dust Free Sanding Discs - 737U
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Hookit Cubitron II Purple 8-Hole Dust Free Sanding Discs - 737U

8" Discs • 80 and 40 Grit Discs
By: 3M

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These discs feature 3M's Cubitron II - a revolutionary advancement in abrasive technology.
Use them for paint stripping, body filler sanding, fine featheredging, final sanding before priming, prepping before blending, and more.

Note that unlike other Hookit Cubitron II Purple Sanding Discs, this 6" 40 grit disc has an 8-Hole Dust Free hole pattern.

The Cubitron™ II abrasive used in these discs is a unique, precision-shaped, ceramic grain that is engineered with ultra-sharp, fast-cutting points.
An improvement over the original Cubitron, the sharp-edged, pyramid-shaped Cubitron II grains are electrostatically oriented so they point upward to form sharp peaks.
They act like individual cutting tools that slice right through fiberglass, wood, paint, and body fillers,
As they wear, instead of getting rounded, the pyramid-shaped peaks continuously fracture to form brand new, sharp, cutting edges — running cooler and maximizing both performance and disc life.
By contrast, conventional ceramic abrasive grain is irregular in shape. Instead of a clean slicing action, the grain "plows" through the substrate, causing heat buildup, slower cutting and shorter disc life. See illustration at left.

Customers rave about Cubitron II. For speed, comfort and long life, nothing else comes close to the power of 3M Cubitron II Abrasive Discs

• Precision-shaped abrasive grain
• New cutting edges continually exposed as it wears
• Cuts 30% faster than premium abrasives with less pressure and less fatigue
• Lasts twice as long as competitive discs
• Continuous formation of new cutting edges means a finer, more uniform finish
• Excellent performance - with or without vacuum-assisted dust removal
• Durable C-weight backing paper
• Anti-load stearate coating
• Hookit™ attachment system for simple application and easy reuse
• Sold by the box
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