Hookit Gold Abrasive Discs - 216U & 236U

Hookit Gold Abrasive Discs - 216U & 236U

3" and 6" Discs • 500 - 80 Grits
By: 3M

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A good quality, general purpose sanding disc.
Lighter A-weight paper backing in the finer grits, while the medium C-weight paper backing provides more durability and faster cutting in the coarser grits.
An open coat provides a more aggressive cut than a comparable closed coat abrasive of the same grade.

Use for fine or rough feather edging, depending on the grade.
Finer grades could be used as a final sanding step before priming.
Coarser grades can be used to shape plastic body fillers, remove paint around damaged areas, and for scratch refinement of bare metal.

The 200 Series abrasives used on these discs are good quality, general purpose, economy abrasives utilizing basic aluminum oxide particles.
The aluminum oxide abrasive creates sharp, fast cutting particles, but wears down faster than the higher quality 300, 700 and 900 Series abrasives

• Aggressive, fast cutting general purpose aluminum oxide abrasive
• Resin bonded for heat resistance
• Clear, non-staining stearate coating resists loading
• Hook and Loop attachment allows for easy re-use - saves money
• Priced by the box
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367616MMM 972 972Loading...6" Hookit Gold Abrasive Disc - P500A, 216U (100 per Box)Loading...
59438MMM 975S 975SLoading...6" Hookit Gold Abrasive Disc - P320A, 216U (100 per Box)Loading...
57265MMM 978S 978SLoading...6" Hookit Gold Abrasive Disc - P220A, 216U (100 per Box)Loading...
367619MMM 979 979Loading...6" Hookit Gold Abrasive Disc - P180C, 236U (100 per Box)Loading...
367621MMM 980 980Loading...6" Hookit Gold Abrasive Disc - P150C, 236U (100 per Box)Loading...
75027MMM 981S 981SLoading...6" Hookit Gold Abrasive Disc - P120C, 236U (100 per Box)Loading...
376496MMM 919 919Loading...3" Hookit Gold Abrasive Disc - P120C, 236U (50 per Box)Loading...
59442MMM 983S 983SLoading...6" Hookit Gold Abrasive Disc - P80C, 236U (75 per Box)Loading...
376497MMM 921 921Loading...3" Hookit Gold Abrasive Disc - P80C, 236U (50 per Box)Loading...
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