PPS Disposable Lids and Liners - for All PPS Cups

PPS Disposable Lids and Cup Liners - for All PPS Cups

Use with Either Standard or H/O PPS Cups
By: 3M

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These are the disposable components of the PPS paint spray system.
They are the only components in the PPS disposable cup system that contact the paint.

Each kit contains disposable lids with built-in filters, disposable cup liners, and lid sealing plugs. We recommend choosing kits with 200 micron filters for use with traditional solvent-based paint or primer applications.
Reusable graduated mixing film inserts are available for each size of cup. Use of film inserts is recommended to avoid the wastage of using a separate mixing cup, in addition to the spray cup.
The beauty of the PPS system is that you can mix, stir, strain, and spray from the same cup.
Note: mix ratio film inserts are sold separately; see Related Products, below.

The 3M Paint Preparation System (PPS) replaces traditional paint mixing cups and strainers.
Instead, the PPS uses a rigid cup and collar which hold a disposable lid and liner (containing an integral strainer/filter).
The single-use liners and lids drastically reduce the amount of solvent and time required for cleanup, since only the gun and adapter need cleaning. The cup is mounted on the spray gun using a 3M PPS adapter. The unique design allows the spray gun to function at any angle. Adapters are available to convert all major spray guns. There are four sizes of cups and liners from 6 oz to 32 oz.

• Designed for gravity feed or traditional siphon spray gun systems
• Eliminates the need for separate mixing cups and filters
• Offers up to 70% reduction in solvent use for gun and parts cleaning
• Dramatic savings in labor hours previously lost cleaning cups and pots
• Reduced hazardous waste generated by equipment cleaning
• Virtually any spray gun can be adapted to the PPS paint cup system; for the appropriate adaptor for your spray gun, please contact one of our Fisheries Supply 3M specialists
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159541MMM 16114 16114Loading...MINI 6 oz Lid/Liner Kit - 50 Lids with 200µ Filter, 50 Liners, 20 Sealing PlugsLoading...
430378MMM 16112 16112Loading...MIDI 13.5 oz Lid/Liner Kit - 50 Lids with 200µ Filter, 50 Liners, 20 Sealing PlugsLoading...
390542MMM 16301 16301Loading...STANDARD 24 oz Lid/Liner Kit - 50 Lids with 125µ Filter, 50 Liners, 20 Sealing PlugsLoading...
146041MMM 16000 16000Loading...STANDARD 24 oz Lid/Liner Kit - 50 Lids with 200µ Filter, 50 Liners, 20 Sealing PlugsLoading...
146047MMM 16024 16024Loading...LARGE 32 oz Lid/Liner Kit - 25 Lids with 200µ Filter, 25 Liners, 10 Sealing PlugsLoading...
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