Stikit Gold Disc Rolls - 216U A-Weight & 236U C-Weight Paper - Industrial

Stikit Gold Disc Rolls - 216U A-Weight & 236U C-Weight Paper - Industrial

5,, 6" & 8" Discs • 500 - 80 Grits
By: 3M

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This industry standard product has dominated the Stikit™ disc market for many years. Stikit Gold Sanding Discs provide excellent performance and productivity at an economical price — making them the "ideal" general purpose disc.
Use the coarser discs for sanding and featheredging filler and putties, and the finer grades for further refinement and primer sanding. These discs are suitable for most random orbital sanding applications.
3M™ Gold Abrasives feature a durable aluminum oxide abrasive on A-weight and C-weight paper backings.
• The lighter A-weight backing is flexible and conforms well during finish sanding.
• The medium C-weight backing is thicker, more durable, and provides faster cutting during coarse sanding and material removal.

All Gold discs feature an open coat grit pattern which provides a more aggressive cut than a comparable closed coat abrasive of the same grade. They also have a special loading-resistant coating which makes these discs a good choice where accumulation is a problem.
• Delivers a uniform, consistent finish
• Open, aggressive coat
• Sharp, fast cutting and long lasting
• Clear, non-staining, stearate coating to reduce loading
• Priced by the roll
For heavier duty applications, consider using this same product on a very heavy F-weight paper — Stikit Gold Disc Rolls - 363I, F-Weight Paper; see Related Products, below.
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211455MMM 49913 49913Loading...5" Stikit Gold Disc Roll - P180A, 216U (175)Loading...
211456MMM 49912 49912Loading...5" Stikit Gold Disc Roll - P150A, 216U (175)Loading...
211457MMM 49911 49911Loading...5" Stikit Gold Disc Roll - P120A, 216U (125)Loading...
211458MMM 49910 49910Loading...5" Stikit Gold Disc Roll - P100A, 216U (125)Loading...
211459MMM 49909 49909Loading...5" Stikit Gold Disc Roll - P80A, 216U (125)Loading...
87983MMM 55567 55567Loading...6" Stikit Gold Disc Roll - P320C, 236U (100)Loading...
211464MMM 49918 49918Loading...6" Stikit Gold Disc Roll - P180A, 216U (175)Loading...
211463MMM 49917 49917Loading...6" Stikit Gold Disc Roll - P150C, 236U (175)Loading...
211462MMM 49916 49916Loading...6" Stikit Gold Disc Roll - P120C, 236U (125)Loading...
211461MMM 49915 49915Loading...6" Stikit Gold Disc Roll - P100C, 236U (125)Loading...
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