Trizact Hookit P1000 Pre-Paint Foam Sanding & Blending Disc

Trizact Hookit P1000 Pre-Paint Foam Sanding & Blending Disc

3" and 6" Discs • 1000 Grit
By: 3M

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Although it's in the Trizact Foam disc family, the P1000 has a completely different function compared to the P3000 and P5000 discs.
Unlike the finer grit Trizact Foam discs, the P1000 is not used for softening fine sanding scratches in new topcoat finishes.

The P1000 soft foam disc is used when repairing physical damage to an existing painted surface.
Use the P1000 disc to slightly roughen the existing finish around the border of the repaired area so it will hold paint.
This will make it possible to "feather" your paint from the center of the repair out into the existing finish, without leaving a discernable "edge" around the repaired spot.
3M round Soft Edge Foam Masking Tape can be used to advantage here.

Traditionally, Scotch-Brite™ surface conditioning pads or discs were used for this purpose.
However, surface conditioning pads can be aggressive - leaving rogue scratches that can be difficult to buff out.
A superior technology, the uniform construction of the Trizact disc, allows you to sand and blend without removing or damaging the existing texture from the surface you are blending into.

After painting (and clearcoating, if desired) the repaired area and feathering into the P1000 scratch, if everything went perfectly, a light buffing with Perfect-It compond and polish is all that's necessary.
If you inadvertantly leave a blend edge around the repair, a light fingertip sanding with an appropriate fine grit, before buffing, might be in order to soften the line.

• Use these discs just slightly wet or damp for best results — too much water will impede the cutting process
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