Wire Seals for Round Cables
Wire Seals for Round Cables
Ancor Watertight Wire Seals for Round Cables

Watertight Wire Seals for Round Cables

Use w/ Duplex & Triplex Cables | For 1/2" & 3/4" Cable Entries | NPT Threaded
By: Ancor

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Ancor's Through-Deck Wire Seals allow you to run wire through a surface using a waterproof, strain-relieving seal.
The clamping mechanism works like a compression nut or packing gland. As the top nut is tightened, a seal on the inside is compressed around the wire (or tubing) that runs through it. The body of the Wire Seal has NPT threads on the outside and inserts into the surface. A threaded nut (included) on the other side clamps the body to the surface.

Wire Seals provide cable entries through boat decks, and into panels or junction boxes for a wide range of wire sizes including round, flat, duplex and triplex wires.
They can also be used for propane enclosures (where a tight connection for solenoid wires is critical), for antenna installations and hydraulic hoses.
They are safe to use underwater to depths of 300 feet (91.4 meters) and 150 PSIG, provided there is a liquid-tight seal between body and housing.

• Works with round and flat cable (for flat cable specific seals, see Related Products)
• Low cost, high quality
• Simple to install - insert cable and tighten
• UL and CSA approved
• Nylon 6/6, flame resistant, self-extinguishing Buna-N form seal
• Resistant to saltwater, gasoline, alcohol, ketones and mineral oil
• Good underwater to 300 ft
• Accepts most common duplex and triplex round cables
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