Purse Seiner Stainless Steel Snap Hook

Purse Seiner Stainless Steel Snap Hook

Purse Seine Fitting

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Good operability with smooth gate movement and wide mouth opening.

High strength by interlock system.

Care should be taken when operating this snap hook while wearing gloves so as not to get caught.

If the Size 1SH (AK18315) Snap Hook is used with the Tough Hanging Roller Block (see Image), the 1SH is sized to be able to pass smoothly through the throat of the block.

Material - SCS11 (SUS329J1) special dual-phase stainless steel - selected for its high strength and abrasion/corrosion resistance.
Spring - SUS304 (304 SS)
Lock Pin - Copper Alloy
Set Screw - SUS304 (304 SS)

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