Awlwood MA Clear Topcoat Finish - Matte

Awlwood MA Clear Topcoat Finish - Matte

Exterior Wood Clear Coating System - Primer & Topcoat • High Building, Fast Curing Formulation
By: Awlgrip

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Awlwood MA is a two-step clear coating system consisting of a Primer and a Clear Topcoat Finish (available in either satin (matte) or gloss). The Primer bonds to the wood, while the Clear Topcoat provides a natural look with outstanding multi-season performance.

For applications where a matte or satin finish is desireable, Awlwood Clear Matte is designed to be applied over a fully built system of Awlwood Gloss as the final coat, only.

Aside from its outstanding appearance, Awlwood is incredibly simple to use and quick to apply. With fewer coats, faster drying (can be overcoated in as little as 1-1/2 to 4 hours!) and typically no sanding required between coats — Awlwood can achieve a stunning, better-than-varnish finish in just a few days, instead of weeks.

The Awlwood Clear Topcoat features an inherently non-yellowing polymer, further stabilized with high performance UV absorbers bonded directly to the resin (an industry first) giving multi-season clarity of film, and excellent gloss and depth retention — far exceeding any varnish..
The permanently flexible Awlwood Primer creates cross-links deep within the wood molecular structure, and ensures a perfect bond to the topcoat finish. The resulting system moves and flexes unlike any varnish - giving unparalleled performance, with longer periods between re-coats.

Awlgrip recommends applying several coats of Awlwood MA Clear Finish over the Primer - like varnish, the more coats, the greater the "depth" of finish. Ideally, at least 12 hours should elapse after the application of the last coat of Gloss before overcoating with the Satin Matte. In cold temperatures, more time will be required.

Superior perfomance over traditional varnishes
• No specialist skills or tools required for application
• High building, fast curing formulation allows multiple applications per day, reducing work time
• Depending on temperature and humidity, can usually overcoat in as little as 1-1/2 to 4 hours (see below for details)
• No sanding between coats, except to remove defects, if present; lightly sand after overnight drying or in very hot conditions
• Applicable over a wide range of temperatures and humidity, and by various methods, with consistent, reproducible results
• Excellent toughness and abrasion resistance - does not crack if the wood is dented
• Superior UV performance - stabilized with high performance UV absorbers
• Stays looking as good as it did on the first day of application for multiple seasons
• Apply Awlwood MA Clear by brush, roller or spray
• Thin Awlwood MA Clear with AWL T0201 for brushing (10% max), and AWL T0202 for spraying (10% max)
• Theoretical coverage is 490 ft²/gallon; 8 coats recommended; 45% solids (vol.)
• Cleanup: AWL OT0200 Awlwood MA Brush Cleaner
• VOCs: 487gm/liter; 0.482 lb/lb of primer
Note - Product settles in the can; make sure to stir thoroughly before using

Heavy on the technical side...

What follows is a summary/guide only to further familiarize yourself with this product, if desired, and to answer product questions you may have.
We encourage you to read the full instruction sheet before using this product.

Surface Preparation
Testing on a non-critical area should be carried out prior to full-scale preparation.
• Applying over Awlwood MA Red or Yellow Primer
The primer should be sufficiently cured that it sands easily.
Hand sand lightly with the wood grain using P400 grit paper taking care to avoid sanding through the primer - this will cause uneven coloration.
• Applying over Awlwood MA Clear Primer
The primer should be sufficiently cured that it sands easily.
Lightly hand or machine sand using P280-320 grit paper taking care to avoid sanding through the primer.
If this occurs spot prime the area and sand carefully when primer has cured.
Ensure any glossy areas are well sanded.
• Applying over epoxy primer or fiberglass/carbon fiber
Machine or hand sand to remove defects finishing with P180 grit paper.
Ensure that no epoxy blush is present.
Test in a small non-visible area to confirm adhesion if unsure.

NOTE: Aim to apply the first coat of Awlwood MA Clear Gloss within 24 hours of primer application to attain an optimum chemical bond.

Mixing & Reduction
For brushing, thin up to 10% by volume with T0201 Brushing Reducer, if necessary.
For spraying, thin up to 10% by volume with T0202 Spray Reducer

Suitable application conditions: 40°F - 85°F; relative humidity 30% - 95%.
NOTE: Awlwood MA Clear Gloss cures by bonding with moisture in the air (humidity). Very low moisture content in the air will lead to longer cure times. Do not use this product in an air-conditioned (low humidity) environment.

Awlwood MA is designed to flow and level without the need for over-working the product.
This product can be applied at a greater rate than a standard varnish.
Aim to minimize wet edge times, and do not overwork the surface.
The product will defoam and level well, but tacks up relatively quickly.
Rollers are by far the most effective means of covering large flat surfaces: tipping with a brush gives best results if rolling, particularly if the previous coat is "green".
If brushing, synthetic bristled brushes with tapered bristles without flagged or split ends are best.
The latter tend to shed excessively.
Wedge shaped brush tips give best results.
In hot and/or windy conditions, Awlwood MA Gloss will tack up rapidly.
To extend the wet edge and increase workability in these conditions thinning up to 10% with Awlwood MA Brushing Reducer will help.

Awlwood MA Clear can be applied by air atomized spray gun.
Ensure that before application the substrate is suitably prepared.
Use 1.4 - 2.0 fluid tip for spraying by air atomized, gravity feed, or conventional spray.
Thin up to 10% if using a smaller spray tip.
Do not thin if using a larger spray tip.
Do not use universal thinners.
Do not rapidly apply heavy coats to give film build quickly as solvents will remain trapped in the coating, inhibiting performance.
Allow each coat to become touch dry before applying the subsequent coat.

Coloring Topcoats
For a richer more traditional appearance, up 10% of the Awlwood MA colored primers can be added to the Awlwood MA Matte topcoat.
This should be done in the first few coats then overcoated with clear topcoat to attain the full coating thickness.

Film Build
Minimum total film build for exterior wood is 10 mils (250 microns) which can be attained in 8 coats providing that heavy sanding has not been done.
Heavier film build will improve durability.

Between Coats
Sand lightly to remove defects using P220 - 280 grit paper only if necessary.
Take care to not over-sand edges.
Machine sanders can be used on build coats after an overnight cure.
Before the final coat, hand sanding through to P600 grit paper working with the grain will give best results.
Sanding is not necessary if overcoating on the same day unless extreme drying conditions are present (full sun or high temperatures) in which case rubbing down with P280 grit paper will ensure good intercoat adhesion.
After sanding, remove sanding dust by vacuuming then warm water wash only, using lint free cloths until surface is completely clean.
Tack cloths are not recommended.

Multiple coats may be applied in one day provided the previous coat is sufficiently cured.
As a general indicator, when one coat can be pressed with a finger without leaving an indented fingerprint, another coat can be applied without sanding being required.
If the brush or roller binds with, or re-dissolves the previous coat, more drying time is needed.
Alternatively if the cured film can be gently sanded with P220 grit paper without binding it can be overcoated.
Applying multiple coats in a single day will reduce flow and levelling, necessitating more sanding the following day. However, multicoating is a useful means of attaining rapid film build.

Sand very well using P220 grit paper and apply at least an additional 2 coats.
Add colored primer up to 10% to counter any wood fading, if necessary.
Touch up any areas of damage first by sanding, re-priming, and building up the full coating thickness.

Recoatability and Drying Time
• Dries to the touch in 3 hours @ 60°F, 2 hours @ 77°F, 1.5 hours @ 86°F
• Dries hard in 24 hours @ 60°F, 24 hours @ 77°F, 18 hours @ 86°F
• A second coat may be applied without sanding (min - max) in 4 - 24 hours @ 60°F, 2 - 24 hours @ 77°F, 1.5 - 18 hours @ 86°F (Maximum times without sanding are if surface is not exposed to direct sunlight - which accelerates curing.)

Awlwood MA Clear Gloss is sandable after 8 hours at 60°F, 4 hours at 77°F, and 3 hours at 86°F
Sand using P220 - P280 grit sandpaper for build coats, and down to P600 for the final coat.

Warning Notes
Not suitable for use in temperatures less than 40°F or greater than 85°F;
Not suitable for use in very low humidity environments (relative humidity less than 30%).
Do not apply when condensation may form on uncured coating.
Do not add any universal or alcohol-based thinners or reducers to Awlwood MA Clear Gloss.
Wear gloves if you are using sunscreen, as some sunscreens, when transferred onto varnished exterior surfaces, will significantly accelerate UV degradation. Ironic, eh?
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