Maxi-Moor II Mooring Pendants
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Maxi-Moor II Mooring Pendants

Single Mooring Pendant with Eye Splice for Boat Cleat, Chafe Protector and Spliced Thimble for Mooring or Anchor Chain

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The Maxi-Moor II double-braided rope pendant is improved from Yale's original polyster/nylon Maxi-Moor pendant, now made from Yale's Polydyne rope with twice the high-tenacity PET fiber.
This allows the pendant to maintain its integrity for up to eight times as many loading cycles.

Secure your investment with Yale's ready-made high-performance Maxi-Moor II mooring pendant.
• Yellow Maxijacket urethane coating is highly visible, improves abrasion resistance, and helps keep grit out for extra wear protection
• Soft eye splice for boat cleat
• Included Cordura® chafe protector can be located where needed along the pendant
• Spliced thimble for attaching to mooring or anchor chain with shackle or chain hook

NOTE — "Typical Boat Length" in the Specifications is meant as a suggestion for where to start. Your boat or mooring location may have windage, displacement, wind or wave characteristics which make it "atypical". Use good judgment in making a selection.
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1000862YAL YMM32/12 YMM32/12Loading...Maxi-Moor II Mooring Pendant - 1/2" x 12 ft, for 10 to 16 ft Vessels (Typical)Loading...
1000876YAL YMM64/26 YMM64/26Loading...Maxi-Moor II Mooring Pendant - 1" x 26 ft, for 27 to 41 ft Vessels (Typical)Loading...
1000875YAL YMM64/20 YMM64/20Loading...Maxi-Moor II Mooring Pendant - 1" x 20 ft, for 27 to 41 ft Vessels (Typical)Loading...
1000870YAL YMM48/26 YMM48/26Loading...Maxi-Moor II Mooring Pendant - 3/4" x 26 ft, for 23 to 31 ft Vessels (Typical)Loading...
1000869YAL YMM48/20 YMM48/20Loading...Maxi-Moor II Mooring Pendant - 3/4" x 20 ft, for 23 to 31 ft Vessels (Typical)Loading...
1000417YAL YMM48/16 YMM48/16Loading...Maxi-Moor II Mooring Pendant - 3/4" x 16 ft, for 23 to 31 ft Vessels (Typical)Loading...
1000865YAL YMM40/16 YMM40/16Loading...Maxi-Moor II Mooring Pendant - 5/8" x 16 ft, for 15 to 24 ft Vessels (Typical)Loading...
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