Motorboat Stand - Bases
Brownell Motor Boat Stands
Brownell Motor Boat Stands

Motorboat Stand - Bases

Easily Adjusted • Modular - Bases & Tops Sold Separately

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Using boat stands is one of the fastest, safest and most reliable ways to store or perform maintenance work on boats out of the water.

NOTE — Boat Stand Bases and Boat Stand Tops are sold separately to allow for various combinations. To order the tops, see Related Products, below.

• Tops have solid shafts that are only partially threaded so they can't be extended too far
• Bases are heavy-duty 12 gauge steel tubing - coated inside and out to prevent rusting
• Full size 1-7/16" acme threads
• Flat tops swivel approx. 18° in all directions
• Solid V-Tops are 11" wide and 2" long; available in 6" length by special order
• Each model of complete boat stand has been independently tested and certified for a safe working load of 20,000 pounds (9,100 kg)
• Made in the USA
• Note: tops listed are the maximum size for the base indicated; shorter tops can also be used
• Tops for the stand should be purchased separately

Heavy on the technical side...

Using Powerboat Stands
• Brownell recommends using 4 or more stands, depending on the length of the vessel, distributed along the outer edges of the hull.
• Besides the boat stands, always use 2 or more keel stands, or wooden keel support blocks, for additional support below the boat’s centerline.
• Make sure to place a keel stand or wooden block below the location of the engine to ensure good support and to reduce the amount of pressure on other areas of the hull.
• Place the boat stands as wide as possible for best stability.
• For powerboats that have a deep V bow construction, use a sailboat stand (SB-series) at the bow. Always use security chains to keep the boat stands from slipping outwards under the weight of the boat. Hook 3/16" security chain in the small groove in the sailboat stand's cross brace, and tighten by gently pulling the stand outward. Re-tighten the screw, as necessary.

NOTE — Never tie a boat cover or tarp to the boat stand, as heavy winds might pull them both away. Tie boat covers and tarps independently.

How Many Powerboat Stands?
Brownell recommends that you always use a minimum of 4 stands or more for powerboats. Remember to always use 2 or more keel stands or wooden blocks below the keel with the aft one placed below the engine.
Make sure that you have read and understand the Brownell Boat Stand System installation manual before you use their boat stands for powerboat storage.

Basic Recommendations —
< 30 feet = 4 stands
30 - 45 feet = 6-8 stands
45 - 60 feet = 8-12 stands
> 60 feet = 12 or more stands

There are 7 different sizes of powerboat stands (top and base combinations) with a maximum height up to 7 feet.
The most important value that is used for sizing the stand is the height from the bottom of the keel to the angle where the hull changes from the vertical (side) to the horizontal (bottom). Adding this value to the wooden block support height will give you the height complete of the stand you require (from the ground to the pad).
Each stand is specified for a range of heights. Choose a stand where the height you need is toward the middle of the stand's range. This will provide you with the greatest adjustability if the stands need to be placed on irregular ground Powerboats that have a sharp V bow construction should use Brownell sailboat stands (SB), as they will gain an extra advantage. The most common combination is to use the SB in the bow and the boat stands for powerboat (MB) storage in the stern. Sizing Information MB 0XX – 67 to 84 inches MB 0X – 54 to 72 inches MB 0 – 41 to 58 inches MB 1 – 33 to 50 inches MB 2 – 29 to 46 inches MB 3 – 25 to 38 inches MB 4 – 18 to 25 inches
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