Standard® Anchor by Danforth
Standard® Anchor by Danforth

Danforth Standard Lightweight Anchors

Lightweight Design | High Holding Power

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One of the first anchors specifically engineered to hold due to its design, rather than its weight, Danforth's® reputation for high holding power in a lightweight design is well deserved.

Originally designed to pull grounded landingcraft off beaches in WWII, this is Danforth's most popular anchor. It remains one of the most effective anchors for anchoring in favorable bottoms such as clay, sand or mud, due to its large fluke area.

Although the design appears relatively simple and has now been copied by a variety of manufacturers, care should be taken in that "look-alikes" do not necessarily hold similarly.

• Low profile shape makes it easy to stow
• Angled plates at the crown maintain the fluke's downward angle into the seabed
• Long stock at the crown keeps anchor flat, so both flukes dig in
• Use a larger size as a storm anchor
• Flukes are steel and shank is high strength steel
• Hot dipped galvanized coating for long lasting protection
• Note: the table below is based on the manufacturer's recommendations, and is meant as a guide only. If you are in doubt about the appropriate choice of anchor for your boat, please call us for advice at 800-426-6930.
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04735DAN 2.5S 2.5SLoading...Standard Anchor, 3.5 lbs. (Up to 10 ft. Boat)Loading...
04736DAN 4S 4SLoading...Standard Anchor, 5 lbs. (8 - 17 ft. Boat)Loading...
04738DAN 8S 8SLoading...Standard Anchor, 9 lbs. (16 - 27 ft. Boat)Loading...
04740DAN 13S 13SLoading...Standard Anchor, 14 lbs. (22 - 31 ft. Boat)Loading...
04741DAN 94014 94014Loading...Standard Anchor, 16 lbs. (27 - 36 ft. Boat)Loading...
04743DAN 22S 22SLoading...Standard Anchor, 25 lbs. (31 - 40 ft. Boat)Loading...
04745DAN 94016 94016Loading...Standard Anchor, 43 lbs. (36 - 45 ft. Boat)Loading...
04747DAN 94017 94017Loading...Standard Anchor, 70 lbs. (46 - 55 ft. Boat)Loading...
04748DAN 94018 94018Loading...Standard Anchor, 100 lbs. (51 - 60 ft. Boat)Loading...
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