Delta - Plow Style Anchor by Lewmar
Delta - Plow Style Anchor by Lewmar

Galvanized Delta Plow Anchor

High Holding Power, Versatile Plow-Style Anchor

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Consistent and reliable performance have made the Delta anchor the new standard in general purpose anchors. It is the choice of sailors everywhere, when they want to be prepared for unknown bottom conditions. Plow style anchors work well in a variety of seabeds including sand, clay, and firm mud. They also perform better than most anchors in grassy and rocky conditions, which can be challenging for any type of anchor.
• Unique shank design and weighted tip allows anchor to fit snugly on bow roller and easily self-launch when released
• Ballasted tip, low center of gravity and self-righting design cause the anchor to start setting as soon as it hits the bottom
• Greater fluke area provides more holding power
• One-piece design is strong and provides for safe handling - no hinge to catch fingers or smash toes
• Breaks out easily when pull is vertical for raising the anchor
• Made of high tensile strength manganese steel
• Guaranteed against breakage for life
• Lloyd's Approval as a High Holding Power anchor
• Note: the table below is based on the manufacturer's recommendations, and is meant as a guide only. If you are in doubt about the appropriate choice of anchor for your boat, please call us for advice.
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131839DEL 9F 9FLoading...Galvanized Delta Plow Anchor, 9 lbs. (Up to 20 ft.)Loading...
68115DEL 14F 14FLoading...Galvanized Delta Plow Anchor, 14 lbs. (20 - 28 ft.)Loading...
68116DEL 22F 22FLoading...Galvanized Delta Plow Anchor, 22 lbs. (27 - 36 ft.)Loading...
68117DEL 35F 35FLoading...Galvanized Delta Plow Anchor, 35 lbs. (33 - 42 ft.)Loading...
68118DEL 44F 44FLoading...Galvanized Delta Plow Anchor, 44 lbs. (42 - 50 ft.)Loading...
68119DEL 55F 55FLoading...Galvanized Delta Plow Anchor, 55 lbs. (50 - 56 ft.)Loading...
189342DEL 70F 70FLoading...Galvanized Delta Plow Anchor, 70 lbs. (54 - 60 ft.)Loading...
85551DEL 88F 88FLoading...Galvanized Delta Plow Anchor, 88 lbs. (60 - 70 ft.)Loading...
167764DEL 110 110Loading...Galvanized Delta Plow Anchor, 110 lbs. (66 - 75 ft.)Loading...
149237DEL 140 140Loading...Galvanized Delta Plow Anchor, 140 lbs. (76 - 86 ft.)Loading...
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