120V 2NM nav bulb of Dr LED 120V P374-4 Non-Index DC Bay LED Navigation Light Bulb - 2 NM, Red or Green
120V 2NM nav bulb of Dr LED 120V P374-4 Non-Index DC Bay LED Navigation Light Bulb - 2 NM, Red or Green

120V P374-4 DC Bay LED Nav Bulb - 2 nm, Red/Green

#9000661/678 - 2 nm Visibility | Replaces Perko 0374004CLR Bulb | Red or Green
By: Dr LED

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This is a specially designed direct replacement for the incandescent Perko 0374004CLR bulb used in their commercial navigation lights such as Perko 1127, 1128, 1129, and 1130 nav lights.

These bulbs are fabricated from the highest quality components to assure long life and trouble-free functioning. Their patented internal circuitry provides consistent brightness and makes them immune to life-shortening voltage fluctuations.
Their incredibly low power draw (~2.5W) makes them the perfect way to reduce energy consumption.

• 2 nm visibility; 120V AC
• Single color LEDs (Red for red lens, Green for green lens)
• BA15d, double contact non-indexed pin 15mm bayonet base
• Low power draw, ~2.5W (non-polarized connection)
• Built-in energy management circuit
• 2 nm USCG ABYC A-16 after-market bulb
• Direct bulb replacements for most relevant nav light fixtures
• Long service life
• Ultra-rugged with no filament to burn out or break

Note: White LED bulbs should not be used behind colored lenses in nav lights, as they will not produce the required brightness. Only the corresponding colored LEDs should be used in nav lights with colored lenses.

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