Duramax® Ultra-X™

Duramax Ultra-X

High Performance Graphite/PTFE Compression Packing

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Duramax Ultra-X is a unique high-performance, packing specifically engineered for heavy duty marine propulsion service. It features a unique and especially even distribution of encapsulated graphite and specialized lubricants into an expanded PTFE braided matrix. Doesn't insulate like flax packing - its excellent lubricity and high thermal conductivity keep shafts running cool at all speeds.
Ultra-X stays pliable, and never hardens or becomes abrasive - even at high shaft speeds. While look-alike, black, pure PTFE products undergo thermal expansion - increasing friction and shaft scoring, Ultra-X is dimensionally stable, virtually eliminating costly damage caused by extensive shaft scoring and wear.
• Outperforms flax and competitors' PTFE packings
• Unlike flax packing, it is not consumed in use and is virtually maintenance-free; no need to monitor or adjust the gland
• Use for stern tube, bulkhead, or rudder stuffing boxes
• Self-lubricating and conformable, easy to install and remove after use
• Practically dripless - doesn't shrink or swell, keeps bilge drier and free of oily contaminants
• Only 1/3 the friction of flax, lasts over 5 times longer than other packing
• Priced and sold by the package (denominated in pounds)
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