EFOY Comfort Fuel Cell Kits
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EFOY Comfort Fuel Cell Kits

80, 140 or 210 Amp Hours

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The principle behind fuel cells
A fuel cell is an alternative source of energy. It transforms chemical energy into electrical energy directly, with no intermediate steps, no moving parts and with no significant loss in energy, making it a particularly efficient source of power.
A lot of patented innovation has gone into the development of EFOY Fuel Cells, making the EFOY fuel cell a marvel of miniaturization and a lightweight but high-powered, long-lasting performer. With its compact design and safe and efficient performance, EFOY fuel cells are positioned to lead the field in fuel-cell systems for mobile applications.
How it works
The EFOY Comfort combines liquid methanol fuel and oxygen from the air to produce electricity and clean water vapor, CO₂, and heat as waste products.
The electricity is used to automatically charge your batteries to full capacity. The integrated charge controller continually monitors the charge level of the batteries and automatically starts the EFOY Comfort and switches it off again once the battery is charged.
If you have an inverter, you can also use 110 V devices.
Can be used all year round
With the EFOY Comfort, you have a reliable electricity supply when you are on the road or at sea. Whether you are under a shady tree or in a lonely cove. Irrespective of the weather and all year round - even at sub-zero temperatures!
Extremely quiet
When the EFOY Comfort is installed as recommended, you will not hear it at all. A newly developed insulation and the sound damping system ensure quiet operation. Enjoy the peace and silence!
Lightweight and compact
Weighing just 8 kg (17.6 lbs), the EFOY Comfort is extremely lightweight and so compact that you will always find space for it in your mobile home or on your boat. It delivers a vast amount of energy yet takes up very little space!
Very simple to operate
The high-quality and user-friendly operating panel is installed inside your boat, mobile home or cabin. On it, you will find all the key information clearly arranged, even the fuel cartridge’s fill level. It is simplicity at its best.
Provides more power than a solar solution
Over the period of one year, EFOY ComforT provides 3 to 10 times as much electricity as a solar system with the same power rating. To produce the same amount of electricity as an Efoy Comfort 80 (40 W) with solar power, depending on the country and time of year, you would need a solar system with an output of between 120 and 400 Wp.
Included with Your EFOY Comfort
• Operating panel White with surface mount and data line DL2
• Mounting plate
• Mounting belt
• Fuel cartridge holder
• Belt for fuel cartridge holder
• Off heat tube
• Off-heat bow, External face plate, Off-heat flange, Screw set
• Insulated exhaust hose
• Service Fluid
• Charge line CL4
• User manual
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