Starlock Plus Universal Mini E-Cut Bi-Metal MultiMaster Saw Blade - 1-1/8" Width

Starlock Plus Universal Mini E-Cut Bi-Metal MultiMaster Saw Blade - 1-1/8" Width

Fits Both New and Old MultiMaster Tools... As Well As a Few Similar Competing Tools

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These Starlock Plus blades feature bi-metal construction for long life, with wavy universal toothing. The have a broad application spectrum from sheet metal up to 1/16" to aluminum stock and copper pipes, and also cut wood, plasterboard, and plastics.
They have a wide, waisted shape for optimal cutting speed and good swarf removal.

MultiMaster Saw Blades —
MultiMaster saw blades are available in 5 basic designs: flat, recessed, segmented, a combination of recessed-segmented, and E-Cut.
These blades are available in regular steel, high speed steel (HSS), and bi-metal steel.
With all of these blade designs, the cutting line is always in view.

• Use recessed blades when you need to remain flush and square to the surface - as in undercutting a door jamb.
• Use segmented blades to saw right up to perpendicular surfaces
• Regular steel blades work well on wood, plastics, and other softer materials
• High Speed blades can cut through tougher substrates like nails and thin sheet metal
• Bi-metal blades feature a high speed steel cutting edge bonded to a spring steel body - the hardened edge stays sharp longer than a standard carbon steel blade, while the sprong steel body can flex without breaking, as carbon steel can
• E-Cut straight edge blades cut aggressively through wood, plaster, drywall, and thin sheetmetal. Almost as fast as a reciprocating blade, they can be used for cutting under the kick plate when installing new kitchen flooring, undercutting door jambs, or flush cutting tongue and groove flooring
• Mini E-Cut straight edge blades are used in tight spots and where precise control is required
• Universal E-Cut blades offer an improved tooth configuration that gives them a longer life. They are perfect for plunge-cut applications
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