Fiberglass Cloth - 9.6 oz
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Fiberglass Cloth - 9.6 oz

E Glass

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Woven fiberglass cloth is commonly used in marine construction and repair.
With a high glass to resin ratio in the final product, woven cloth creates finished products with outstanding tensile, structural, and impact strength.
Light weight cloths tend to provide a smooth finish and are excellent for creating a waterproof layer over wood or other surfaces.
Heavier cloths, like this 9.6 ounce fabric, will provide greater strength and overall rigidity.

E-Glass fiberglass fabric is the industry standard for its combination of economy and strength. It is compatible with polyester, vinyl ester, and epoxy resins.

Marine applications include repair work, coverings or sheathing on hulls, decks, cabins, etc.

This popular 9.6 oz cloth offers a good combination of cost, weight and strength. It has a plain weave, with 16 warp threads and 14 fill (weft) threads per square inch, and has a proven, resin-compatible, silane finish. The finish helps the resin to thoroughly wet out the fabric, avoiding weak spots and delaminations in the finished product.

E-Glass is, by far, the most commonly used fiberglass fabric. It is composed of alumino-borosilicate glass fibers and was originally used for Electrical applications.
By contrast, the much more expensive S-Glass (S for "stiff") is a higher strength formulation, and is used where tensile strength is the most important characteristic.
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