32mm Single-pin Hyld Tensioner Car
Halyard Tensioner Cars & Track
Halyard Tensioner Cars & Track

Halyard Tensioner Slider Cars

Frees Halyard Winch for Other Functions
By: Harken

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The Harken Halyard Tensioner securely locks rope or wire halyards at full hoist on large cruisers. Use it with genoa, staysail and mainsail halyards. This strong aluminum fitting frees your halyard winch for other tough jobs and keeps the sail securely hoisted on the mast for the duration of your cruise.

The aluminum tensioner car rides on a specialized T-Track bolted to the side of the mast below halyard exit. The halyard terminates in a loop which engages the upper cleat on the car. A second "adjuster line" hooks on the lower cleat on the car and is led to the winch.
Low-profile plunger pin handles stay flush to the car, eliminating snags. Sculpted self-locking T-Track holes are oblong and feature ramps, allowing the car to automatically lock into position when hoisting. When tensioning the adjuster line, the car ratchets down milled slots into the correct position on the self-locking track.
Scalloped plunger sides can be used as handholds for easy pin release.

Strong, lightweight car body and track are one piece solid 6061-T6 aluminum construction. Deep-saturation Hardkote-anodized with Teflon®-impregnation for durability; UV-stabilized for maximum protection.

Complete systems will consist of:
• Single-pin 32 mm car with 32 mm self-locking track
• Single or double-pin 40 mm car with 40 mm self-locking track

See Accessory Products, below, for the complementary parts.

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