Unit 1 Reflex Furling System - Asym. Spinnaker
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Unit 1 Reflex Furling System - Asym. Spinnaker

Rated at 1.5T MWL | Boats up to 36 feet | Quick release T-fitting
By: Harken

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The Harken Reflex furling system is a real game changer!
While previous generations of free-flying sail furlers often resulted in partial or uneven furling, the Harken Reflex furlers provide sailors with confidence that their free-flying spinnakers, gennakers, and code sails will consistently furl with speed and control.
The result...? Sailors use their downwind sails more often — even when sailing shorthanded.

The Reflex drive unit responds faster than other designs...
When you pull the furling line, the lower drive unit rotates the patented torsion cable which immediately transfers torque to the head swivel - without having the buildup of unwanted cable twist delay the response.
The head swivel reacts instantly, spinning the sail smoothly and completely from the top down to the bottom for an even roll-up and super-tight wrap. The furled spinnaker can then be lowered easily to the deck, ready for the next hoist.

The Reflex cable is more resistant to twisting than the current breed of textile cables because its construction includes braided stainless steel wire (over a lightweight braided polyester core) which efficiently transmits torque to the head swivel.

Reflex Furlers are lighter weight and require fewer components to fly multiple sails
The Reflex Furlers use a Quick-Release Modular Tack Swivel which allows a single drive unit to be used with more than one sail.
The Quick-Release Tack Swivel is attached to the tack of the sail, and when it's time to change sails, you pull on a spring-loaded pin and the tack swivel simply slides out of the drive unit and goes into its sailbag - while the drive unit remains with the boat. Unlike other top-down furlers, there is no need to have an additional heavy and bulky drive unit for each sail.

With the Reflex Furler, each sail only needs its own lightweight cable, head swivel, and tack swivel - which are permanently attached to the sail.

Unit 1 Reflex Furlers are rated at a maximum working load (MWL) of 1.5T and are suitable for boats up to 36 feet (11 meters).

For each additional sail you want to fly, you'll need to purchase: (1) head swivel, (1) tack swivel (swivel model for an asymmetric spinnaker/fixed model for a Code Zero), Reflex torsion cable (by the foot), and (1) torsion cable clamp set.

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Whats In The Box
  • Drive Unit
  • Head Swivel
  • Reflex Tack Swivel Terminal
  • Snap Shackle Threaded Adapter
  • Reflex Torsion Cable
  • 2 Cable Clamps
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