Turnbuckle with Eye Toggle, No Stud
Hayn Turnbuckle with Eye Toggle

Turnbuckle with Eye Toggle, No Stud

Left Hand Thread on Toggle Stud

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An excellent combination of stainless steel and bronze, retaining the qualities of strength and corrosion resistance while adding an exceptional non-galling feature. All bodies are highly poished chrome, while the eye toggles are stainless steel.

This unit consistes of a turnbuckle body with a left-hand eye toggle jaw at the lower end. Also known as a partial turnbuckle or turnbuckle less stud, use this turnbuckle on new rigging when terminating wires with mechanical stud terminals, such as Sta-loks, or if re-rigging and your wires terminate in a swaged stud, which you plan to re-use.

Traditionally, the left-hand threaded terminal of a turnbuckle is used as the lower end and is attached to the chainplate. As a result, stud terminals on rigging wires tend to be right-handed. Beware if you have a boat built in Taiwan, however, as these yards sometimes use the right hand end of the turnbuckle as the lower one, with left-handed studs on the wire.

• Bodies come standard in highly polished chrome over forged bronze, and a 316 stainless steel stud which eliminates stainless on stainless galling
• Especially useful when used with field maintainable mechanical wire studs for open ocean cruising
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