ISEC Smart Energy Control - for Refrigerators and Freezers
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ISEC Smart Energy Control - for Refrigerators and Freezers

"Smart Thermostat" Upgrade to Dramatically Reduce Energy Consumption of Your Exisiting DC-Only Refrigeration Appliance

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Isotherm's Smart Energy Control can be retrofitted to your existing compatible refrigerator or freezer to monitor and control the timing and speed of the compressor for a dramatic reduction in battery power consumption - with the following caveat :
Important Note — The Isotherm Smart Energy Control (ISEC) can only be installed on devices that use one of the popular Danfoss/Secop BD35 or BD50 compressors with a DC-Only electronics module.
This includes all DC-Only Isotherm Cruise Elegance series refrigerators and freezers.

How It Works —
The sophisticated Smart Energy Control micro-processor technology achieves significant power consumption savings by continuously scanning a set of key environmental factors to determine the most efficient compressor speed to maximize performance vs. battery drain.

Beyond maximizing energy efficiency, when external power is available - the engine is running or shore power is available - the ISEC runs the compressor at its maximum rate to quickly lower the internal cabinet temperature further than a traditional fridge - without freezing the food. In this way it utilizes the loaded food and drinks to store extra "cold" energy (like a holding plate) - further minimzing battery consumpttion. This function is continuously monitored by an air sensor in the cabinet.
The extra cold storage allows the refigerator to stay colder longer before it needs to start running the compressor on battery power.

When the ISEC sense the fridge is running on battery power alone, it runs the compressor at the slowest rate of speed to maintain proper temperatures.

The result is an energy savings of up to 35% from the more efficient use of the compressor, and up to an additional 15% savings from the stored cooling energy in food and drinks — for a combined battey power savings of up to 50% over a traditional refrigerator thermostat!

Simple to Install —
The ISEC kit consists of a control module, temperature sensor, and adjustable potentiometer.
As stated above, it can be retrofitted to most refrigerator or freezer units that use a BD35 or BD50 Danfoss/Secop compressor fitted with a DC-only electronics module (the alternative is an AC/DC electronics module).
The electronics module is mounted on the side of the compressor, and there needs to be about an inch of space available adjacent to the module for the (blue) ISEC control box which snaps onto the male wire terminals on the module (see images). Typically, this is not a problem.
The compressor has a label indicating which electronics module is installed, but if the label is missing, you can tell which module you have because the the DC-only modules will not have L- and N-labeled terminals for AC power at the upper end of the module's wire connection terminals.)
If you have any question about whether or not your particular refrigeration unit is compatible with the Isotherm Smart Energy Control, please call Fisheries Supply for help at 800-426-6930.

Isotherm's super-insulated Cruise Elegance line of refrigerators provides a pre-formed location in the cabinet for the temperature probe, should you wish to install an ISEC.

We urge you to watch this very informative 10 minute video demonstrating how to install the Isotherm Smart Energy Control in an Isotherm Elegance series refrigerator.

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