Intersleek 970 Foul Release System - Converter Only
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Intersleek 970 Foul Release System - Converter Only

Three Part System • Biocide-Free • Fluoropolymer Non-Fouling Coating

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Intersleek 970 is a new, unique, patented fluropolymer foul release coating that represents the very latest advances in foul release technology.
It has an exceptionally smooth surface combined with excellent foul release capabilities and good resistance to mechanical damage.

The Intersleek 900 System is not like traditional antifouling bottom coatings in that it does not contain any biocides.
The Intersleek system consists of an epoxy primer; a unique tie coat and finally a slick fluoropolymer finish. It is this finish coating that is the key to the whole system.

Traditional antifouling bottom coatings depend on the release of biocides to repel the adhesion of, and prevent the growth of, fouling pests.
Intersleek 900 is a dramatic departure from traditional antifouling technology. The extremely slippery "low surface energy" surface of the finish coat makes it exceptionally difficult for fouling organisms to form an attachment to the hull, and if they are successful, the attachment is very weak — making them very easy to remove. Hence, Intersleek 900 is a "foul release" bottom coating system.

Intersleek's smooth surface reduces drag and delivers opportunities for improved fuel savings — commercial ships have averaged 9% fuel savings over traditional antifouling paints. Sailboats may notice increased speed through the water.

NOTE — Intersleek 970 is a three component product. The components are sold separately, and each is required.
Be sure to purchase all three components if you want to be able to use this product.
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