VC 17m Racing Antifouling
VC 17m Racing Antifouling

VC 17m Racing Antifouling

Thin Film Antifouling for Racing Sailboats, Powerboats and Inflatables • Ideal for Freshwater Antifouling

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VC 17m is a thin film, high performance antifouling paint formulated with a fluoro micro-additive (similar to Teflon®) to reduce friction and drag.
VC 17m will immediately produce a super smooth, racing finish that would normally take days of tiresome sanding.
The applied thickness of VC® 17m is only 1/8 the thickness of a traditional bottom paint, which virtually eliminates film build-up.

Use VC 17m on power and sailboats to provide protection against zebra mussels, teredo worms, weed and algae found in freshwater or low-fouling cold salt water.

• High performance, thin film racing finish — low friction and low drag surface, ideal for racing sailboats and powerboats
• Film is flexible and will not crack, making it an excellent choice for inflatables
• Suitable for performance cruising in freshwater and higher lattitudes
• Fluoro micro-additive for a low friction surface
• Dries in minutes - paint and launch the same day
• Easy to use - no sanding between coats
• Antifouling properties help prevent the spread of invasive species
• Use on fiberglass, wood, and properly primed steel hulls
• Contains copper biocide (20 %); not for use on aluminum hulls
• Can be applied by brush, 1/8" or 1/4" short nap 4" or 6" solvent resistant roller (preferred), or airless spray (electric)
• Thinner: Special Thinner Y216
• Theoretical coverage is 313 ft²/gallon by roller; 2 (fresh) - 3 (salt) coats recommended, 3 on bare wood; 66% solids (vol.)

Note - this is a two-component paint. Under the blue top is a bag of powdered copper, which is mixed into the base paint before using.

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