680 GPH Utility Puppy 3000

680 GPH Utility Puppy 3000 - Flexible Impeller Pump

Electric Flexible Impeller Pump • 3/4" NPT Ports
By: Jabsco

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With one of the highest capacities of the "Puppy" line, these continuous rated, heavy duty flexible impeller pumps make excellent bilge pumps. This is principally because of their high flow rate coupled with the ability to handle bilge debris without damage. The Utility Puppy 3000 is also very popular as a deck washdown or general purpose pump.

"Puppy" flexible impeller pumps have the benefits of good flow, low cost, low size and weight, and being easy to service and maintain. A testament to the durability and reliability of these bronze-bodied pumps is that many of them are still in service after 25 years of continuous use!

Most flexible impeller pumps must not be run dry, as this will damage the impeller in just seconds - which will then require replacing. However, the Utility Puppy 3000 is built to withstand up to ten minutes dry running after an initial wet prime.

the Puppy 3000 has a rated flow rate of up to 11 gallons/min at 10 ft of vertical lift (head). Note that this is quite conservative, and represents a demanding real world installation. Compare this to common plastic centrifugal bilge pump, which are typically rated at "open flow" — where the pump is not lifting the water at all. At 10 ft of head, most centrifugal bilge pumps are pumping only 1/2 to 1/4 of their rated output, sometimes less.

• Self-priming from dry up to 8 ft
• Can withstand 10 minute dry running after an initial prime
• Bilge debris presents no problem to these flexible impeller pumps
• Simple design means fewer wearing parts
• Continuous rated
• Ignition protected - ISO 8846 Marine
• ISO 8849 Marine (Bilge pump standard)
• Bronze pump body
• Nitrile impeller easily withstands oil contaminated bilge water
• Ports are threaded for 3/4" male NPT threaded fittings
• Carbon/ceramic mechanical shaft seal
• Permanent magnet motor

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