Lifesling2® Overboard Rescue System
Lifesling2® Overboard Rescue System

Lifesling 2

US Coast Guard Approved Type V Device • 125 ft Line

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The LifeSling2 has become the most widely used man overboard retrieval system used on cruising and racing sailboats.
Its design is simple, and easy to use.
It can be operated by a single person, and doesn't require sophisticated boating skills.

Mounted on a rail or lifeline near the helm station for easy use in an emergency, the LifeSling combines a flotation collar with a length of floating line for quick retrieval of someone in the water.

The Lifesling2 consist of a flotation collar which is a blend of the traditional horseshoe buoy and a helicopter lifting sling.
The collar is connected to 125 feet of soft, floating polypropylene retrieving line, which allows the flotation to be either thrown or towed to the victim.
It allows a single crew member to get flotation to an overboard victim, pull them back to the vessel, and then hoist them aboard should they be unable to board by conventional means.
The collar and line are stored in the included vinyl storage bag with Velcro straps for mounting on a rail.

• Better than a ring or horseshoe buoy - can be towed to a victim who is too weak to swim to it; can be used as a lifting sling
• Collar has 21 lb bouyancy
• Graphics on the bag illustrate the procedure for recovering a person in the water
• All components are UL-approved
• The tether line is a multi-filament polypropylene that is soft and pliable, making it easy to deploy the Lifesling
• Flexible mounting: designed to mount either on a rail, or fastened to a bulkhead
• For offshore use, a water-activated light or strobe can be attached to the flotation collar (sold separately)
• USCG Type V PFD which can take the place of a type IV throwable life-ring or horseshoe buoy
Note — The Lifesling2 is only approved on powerboats with a lifting point 10 ft above the water, and sailboats which are longer than 20 ft LOA. See below.

Once you've used the Lifesling to bring an overboard victim back to the vessel, getting them aboard can be more difficult than you would think.
We highly recommend the purchase of the accessory Hoisting Tackle, which attaches to the Lifesling collar and then to a high point on the vessel (such as a halyard on a sailboat), providing a significant mechanical advantage when hoisting the victim up to the deck. See Related Products, below.
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