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Newmar Galvanic Isolators

Sacrificial zincs corrode away as they protect metal thru hulls, shafts and props from damaging electrolysis. Stray, low voltage current flowing between the AC safety ground and DC bonding system is a principal cause of this “galvanic” action. Installing the Newmar galvanic isolator between the AC safety ground and DC bonding system blocks the low voltage currents – significantly reducing corrosion of the zincs, while maintaining the integrity of the critical safety ground path. This can mean a significant savings in boat haul-out fees and zinc replacement costs. Shop for your Newmar galvanic isolator today, or to see our complete offering of Newmar power products, click here.

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Galvanic Isolator


Galvanic Isolator

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Trident Dock Boost Transformer (DBT)


Trident Dock Boost Transformer (DBT)

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