Marine DTM Thermal Barrier Coating
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Marine DTM Thermal Barrier Coating

Reduces Condensation | Fast Coating | Prevents Corrosion
By: Mascoat

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Mascoat Marine-DTM is a composite ceramic coating that is exclusively designed for thermal and anti-condensation protection for the harsh marine environment. Marine-DTM is available in two colors (white and light gray) and comes in 5-gallon pails.
Mascoat Marine-DTM coating is a water-based, one-part coating comprised of air-filled ceramic and silica beads held in suspension by an acrylic binder. It applies like paint and is maintenance-free, providing a thermal barrier and anti-condensation capabilities for shipboard construction.
Currently, Mascoat Marine-DTM anti-sweat coating is in use on thousands of marine vessels from Alaska to Antarctica, from yachts to workboats. This coating can replace most blanket and foam insulation products, resulting in substantial reduction of weight and keeping the vessel within the new stringent marine codes and classifications.
Mascoat vs. Conventional Insulation
The coating employs the best water-based coating technology and contains no harmful elements. Unlike other insulation methods, Mascoat Marine-DTM bonds directly to the substrate or primer, leaving no room for corrosion to take hold. Direct bonding gives the coating the ability to protect your vessel without degradation of the substrate for many years to come. By using Mascoat Marine-DTM coating system, you can rest assured that your vessel is protected and that the interior accommodations will be comfortable.
Users of Mascoat Marine-DTM coating have found that the coating replaces most conventional insulation methods. While yielding the same thermal barrier capabilities, installing costing drastically less. Many vessel owners have saved up to 50% on total installed costs over conventional insulation. Best of all, the coating is extremely lightweight. This allows easy application around difficult areas such as stiffeners and other tight areas without adding excess weight. Proven to deliver excellent cost savings and protection.
Since the coating applies rapidly, labor and construction time-frame savings escalate by using Mascoat Marine-DTM. This means that your normal thermal barrier methods can now be performed by in-house painting crews instead of using subcontractors. Productivity will increase and gives the customer a better product in a shorter time frame.
An added benefit is the sound reduction of airborne structural noise. By using Mascoat Marine-DTM your vessel automatically becomes quieter by reducing structural noise. This product is capable of a 1-3 dB drop in airborne structural noise or a 28 SRC factor (for more about decreasing sound in vessels, please see the sound damping coating Mascoat Sound Control-dB sound damping coating.)
Aluminum and stainless steel require no primer systems since the coating contains no chlorides. Steel requires primer systems prior to application of Mascoat Marine-DTM.
• Reduces or prevents condensation, lessening the chance of slip-and-fall accidents
• Stops radiant transfer into a ship’s interior environment
• Saves installation time compared to pin-and-blanket insulators
• Reduce overall construction time-frame
• Prevents corrosion
• Lightweight
• NAVSEA approved for anti-sweat (No. 311354Z)
• Meets IMO/SOLAS guidelines
Recommended Areas for Mascoat Marine-DTM
• Weather exposed surfaces
• Stiffeners
• Overheads
• Interiors
• Pipes
• Walls
• Engine rooms
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