Maxwell RC10-8 Rope & Chain Vertical Windlass
Dimensions of Maxwell Maxwell RC10-8 Rope & Chain Vertical Windlass

Maxwell RC10-8 Rope & Chain Vertical Windlass

Low profile | 1540 lbs max pull | Boats 27-45 ft
By: Maxwell

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Maxwell's popular RC Series of vertical windlasses automatically handles rope/chain combination rodes - including the thick rope splice, making a seamless transition from chain to rope as the rode is deployed or retrieved.
As vertical windlasses, they take up less room on deck, can be very low profile, and if equipped with a capstan, can handle rope hauling from any direction. The vertical RC range is suitable for boats from 15 feet to apporximately 52 feet in length.
This product features the larger RC10 windlasses.

The RC10-8 and larger RC10-10 (see Related Products, below) windlasses feature Maxwell's off-set rib, Wave Design chainwheel — which offers superior holding power with less wear on the rope.
The RC10-8 chainwheel will accommodate 5/16"/8mm (RC10-8) short link marine chain — HT or BBB or metric. The chainwheel handles all of them equally well.
By the way, the RC10 works just as well with all-chain rodes for those who prefer the added security and holding power of an all-chain anchor system.
The self-aligning gearbox and motor means quick and easy installation by either the boat yard or the DIY aftermarket customer. The horizontal motor can be oriented in any of 10 different positions for customized installation. A huge through-deck hawse pipe ensures easy entry and exit of rope and chain.

The RC10-8 windlass is typically suitable for use on boats in the 27 - 47 ft range, depending on windage and displacement.
Note that while the RC10-8 windlass is normally equipped with a 1000W series wound motor, we also offer RC10-8 models with a more powerful 1200W motor, which is suitable for use on boats in the 30 - 52 ft range, depending on windage and displacement. See Related Products.

The typical boat lengths listed include both light and heavy displacement vessels. If your vessel's length is toward the top end of the range given for a particular windlass, but has a relatively heavy displacement for its length, choose the next larger size windlass.
Analogously, If your vessel's length is toward the top end of the range provided for a particular windlass, but has a very light displacement for its length, you can select that windlass.
Use good judgment, as you never know when your windlass will be pressed to perform at the limits of its capabilities - such as raising the anchor in storm conditions.

Capstan drum models allow for independent winching of other lines - a second anchor rode, mooring lines, running rigging, etc.

• Wave Design chainwheel provides superior holding power and less rope wear, see below
• RC10-8 will accommodate 5/16" HT/BBB or 8mm short link marine chain spliced to 9/16" - 5/8" three-strand or 8-plait rope
• Capstan models have a chromed bronze drum
• Simple 2-piece installation with no need to disassemble the windlass - saves time and money
• Easy maintenance accessibility
• Manual retrieval and cone clutch controlled "free fall" deployment option using emergency handle provided
• Top works manufactured from marine grade chromed bronze and stainless steel for outstanding saltwater durability
• Sealed oil bath and marine grade hard anodized aluminum alloy gearbox with precision worm drive for maximum power output
• Extra deck thickness kit is available by special order
• Dimensions on deck: 9-1/8"L x 6-3/4"W x 3-1/2"H; Capstan Models: 6-5/8"H
• As with all windlasses, use in conjunction with a chain stopper or snubber to take the load when lying at anchor
• 3-year limited warranty
• Note that G4, G40, G43, and High Test (HT) chains are equivalent for sizing purposes

What's in the box (U.S. models) — windlass and chainwheel, panel mounted up/down helm switch, dual direction solenoid, panel mounted on/off circuit breaker, and clutch release/emergency manual retrieval handle.
Recommended options include: chain stopper (or chain snubber); see Accessories, below.
Additional options include: deck mounted footswitches, wired or wireless rode counters, windlass control and rode counter combo, wired or wireless handheld remote control; see Related Products.

Is one of these windlasses a good choice for your boat? You can use the recommended typical boat lengths provided or, for a more rigorous determination, take the total weight of your ground tackle (anchor + rode - presumably correctly sized for your particular vessel) and multiply by 3. The maximum pull capability of the windlass should be at least as large as the resulting number.

Click here to see the Installation and User Manual for the RC10 windlass.

Heavy on the technical side...
The patented Wave Design™ rope/chain wheel incorporates two unique design concepts that greatly improve the handling and control of the rope/chain spliced rode. The outer ribs of the chainwheel are angled slightly forward ensuring that the rope and the chain are smoothly guided in the wheel during anchor retrieval.

As the rope pulls into the wheel, the opposite facing inner ribs grip the rope in an undulating manner, securing the rope more firmly in a "wave pattern" action (like a rope clutch) that is far superior to the traditional "jam cleat" manner of holding the rope used in all other rope/chain wheels on the market. Not only does this Wave Design hold the rope more securely, it is also kinder on the rope resulting in increased longevity of your anchor rode.
The ingeniously designed Wave Design™ Chainwheel on every RC Series windlass, is able to accommodate a wide range of chain pitch differences within the specified marine short-link chain size — G4, BBB, and Metric.
Click on See detailed table of all productsto see specifications of product options.
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