Phase Three Smart Battery Chargers - 12, 24 & 32 Volts

PT Charger • White Series
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Phase Three "Smart" battery charging technology is now available in a wide range of power levels, allowing you to select the right size and features for virtually any application from small recreational craft to live-aboards, workboats and other commercial vessels.
These chargers monitor battery charge state to provide the optimum three stage charge process, providing for fastest recovery and ideal conditioning.
• "Smart" circuitry provides three stage charging: bulk, absorption, float
• Selector switch adjusts output voltage to adapt for gel-cell/flooded lead-acid/AGM battery requirements
• Wide model range covers battery banks from 14 - 950 amp-hours
• 3 isolated battery bank outputs; ammeter indicates total output current
• Use as a power supply; can power loads without a battery in line
• Charger status clearly displayed with LED and/or audible indicators or optional remote panel
• All models (except PT-24-60-W) have a built-in option to periodically equalize the batteries
• Rugged stainless steel case with a durable white powder coat finish; optional drip shield
• Internal circuitry is polyurethane coated for maximum corrosion resistance
• Optional sensor adjusts output voltage based on battery temperature
• 2-year parts and labor warranty

Dependable. Phase Three chargers were selected by the US Navy for use in their latest unmanned submarine hunter aqua-drone.
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209890NMR PT-14W PT-14WLoading...12 Volt Phase Three Battery Charger - 14A (28 - 140 Ah Battery Cap.)Loading...
209889NMR PT-25W PT-25WLoading...12 Volt Phase Three Battery Charger - 25A (50 - 250 Ah Battery Cap.)Loading...
209894NMR PT-40U PT-40ULoading...12 Volt Phase Three Battery Charger - 40A (80 - 400 Ah Battery Cap.)Loading...
209896NMR PT-80 PT-80Loading...12 Volt Phase Three Battery Charger - 80A (160 - 800 Ah Battery Cap.)Loading...
209891NMR PT-24-8W PT-24-8WLoading...24 Volt Phase Three Battery Charger - 8A (16 - 80 Ah Batt Cap)Loading...
209892NMR PT-24-13W PT-24-13WLoading...24 Volt Phase Three Battery Charger - 13A (26 - 130 Ah Batt Cap)Loading...
209895NMR PT-24-20U PT-24-20ULoading...24 Volt Phase Three Battery Charger - 20A (40 - 200 Ah Batt Cap)Loading...
208383NMR PT24-45U PT24-45ULoading...24 Volt Phase Three Battery Charger - 45A (90 - 450 Ah Batt Cap)Loading...
190197NMR PT-24-60-W PT-24-60-WLoading...24 Volt Phase Three Battery Charger - 60A (120 - 600 Ah Batt Cap)Loading...
210356NMR PT-24-95U PT-24-95ULoading...24 Volt Phase Three Battery Charger - 95A (180 - 950 Ah Batt Cap)Loading...
209893NMR PT-32-25W PT-32-25WLoading...32 Volt Phase Three Battery Charger - 25A (50 - 250 Ah Batt Cap.)Loading...
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