LED Tri-Color⁄Anchor⁄Strobe Light w⁄Photo-Diode
LED Tri-Color⁄Anchor⁄Strobe Light w⁄Photo-Diode

LED Tri-Color/Anchor/Strobe Ligh w/Photo-Diode

Sailing Vessels to 20 m (65.6 Ft) • 2 Nautical Mile Visibility

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A compact tri-color/anchor/strobe navigation light with an incorporated photodiode to automatically turn the anchor light off during daylight hours.
As an LED light, this fixture does not contain a strobe bulb. The strobe function is achieved by flashing the anchor LED at a regular interval.

• Visible through 36° of heel
• Can be mounted using vertical or horizontal bracket (sold separately)
• Voltage: 9 - 28V DC
• Current draw: 0.33 amps at 12V DC - only 20% of the current draw of a comparable incandescent fixture
• Waterproof; submersible
• 3-pin, waterproof, quick-disconnect plug with 2 ft mating cable
• 3-year warranty

This 3-wire light can be operated with a user-supplied 4-position rotary selector switch, such as the one supplied by OGM; see Related Products, below. The four positions are:   Off - Tricolor - Anchor - Strobe.

Heavy on the technical side...
The TriAnchor light comes in three versions: Tri-color/Anchor with daylight photosensor, Tri-color/Anchor with Strobe function, Tri-color/Anchor with Strobe function plus daylight photosensor. This light is the latter model. It is equipped with a 3-conductor waterproof plug and mating connector with 2 ft cable lead.

The light is capable of full operation with either two or three wires. Therefore, it can be spliced into existing two or three-conductor mast wiring. Mast wiring of 20-gauge is sufficient to supply power to the TriAnchor light, although 16 gauge is recommended.
For actual wiring connections, see the Installation Guide included with the light.
However, two-wire operation cannot be used if you want to use the strobe option.
Without using the strobe function, this light can be operated with only 2 wires - which is convenient if you are replacing an original anchor light with this tri-color/anchor light and don't want to re-wire the mast. However, this is possible only if the ground wire for the existing cable is not connected to any other devices or to the mast itself, and the strobe option is not used. Tricolor and Anchor modes are selected by reversing the polarity of the brown and blue wires from the TriAnchor. A simple reversing switch, can be used to reverse the polarity. The black wire should not be used, and should be protected from touching anything, including the mast.

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