Dock and Post Bumpers
Dock and Post Bumpers

Dock or Post Bumpers - 4 Widths

3, 4, 6 and 9 ft Lengths • Tough, UV Resistant, Polyester Fabric Covered Foam Bumpers

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Soft enough to protect the finish on the boat, but capable of rough treatment as you may use the pier to pivot when landing in a tight situation. As modern boats get wider and roomier, moorage berths are more difficult to enter.

• Easy to install, these white polyester pier bumpers are an aid to mooring
• Made of tough, white polyester fire hose weave material - will not deteriorate in sun
• Easily cleaned with liquid soap
• Design allows for many applications, vertical or horizontal
• Flexible tab system allows for standard "top of dock" mounting or "fold over" mounting which conceals the top row of fasteners
• Flexible enough to mount on curves or around corners
• Available in a variety of thicknesses and lengths
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Sku#Item IDPerimeter Industries#AvailabilityDescriptionUOMYour PriceQTY
23898PER DB2.60 DB2.60Loading...Dock or Post Bumper - 1-1⁄4" x 3-5⁄8" x 6 ft.Loading...
53953PER DB2.90 DB2.90Loading...Dock or Post Bumper - 1-1⁄4" x 3-5⁄8" x 9 ft.Loading...
69828PER DB3.30 DB3.30Loading...Dock or Post Bumper - 1-3⁄4" x 4-1⁄2" x 3 ft.Loading...
23901PER DB3.60 DB3.60Loading...Dock or Post Bumper - 1-3⁄4" x 4-1⁄2" x 6 ft.Loading...
69827PER DB4.30 DB4.30Loading...Dock or Post Bumper - 2-1⁄4" x 5-3⁄4" x 3 ft.Loading...
69830PER DB4.40 DB4.40Loading...Dock or Post Bumper - 2-1⁄4" x 5-3⁄4" x 4 ft.Loading...
23902PER DB4.60 DB4.60Loading...Dock or Post Bumper - 2-1⁄4" x 5-3⁄4" x 6 ft.Loading...
55918PER DB6.60 DB6.60Loading...Dock or Post Bumper - 3-1⁄4" x 8-1⁄2" x 6 ft.Loading...
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