Two Speed Aluminum Compact Self-Tailing Winch
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Two Speed Aluminum Compact Self-Tailing Winch

The Ideal Small Boat Winch • Size of a 28 with the Power of a 45 • Reduces Effort • Saves Space and Weight
By: Pontos

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An all-around rule breaker. For a winch the same size as a standard #28 2-speed, the Pontos Compact is simultaneously geared both higher and lower than you would expect — creating a unique combination of both higher line retrieval speed in first gear, and more power in second gear.
The Compact is the perfect winch for smaller boats. This is especially true if the boat is crewed by novices, families or older sailors, for whom a little more power can make sailing more fun.

The Compact is well-suited for handling today's larger sails. With its especially low 6:1 power ratio, first gear on the Compact hauls in line more than twice as fast as a conventional #40 two-speed winch.
Simply reverse direction on the winch handle to drop into second gear, where you will feel the trimming power of the Compact's exceptionally high 45:1 power ratio.

The Compact Winch from Portos has two standout applications:
It makes an ideal retrofit winch for sailors who are struggling with their current underpowered #28, #30, or even #40 winch, and want to upgrade to a winch that is easier to crank under high loads, yet doesn't sacrifice the thrill of fast tacking and sheeting.
The Compact also makes a great choice as an original installation for those desiring higher performance for club racing, easier handling of larger sails, or for frequent cruising in a wide range of sailing conditions without having to add the weight and expense of a larger winch.

The Compact Winch packs in a lot of advantages:
• Increases both sailing perfomance and comfort
• Light weight - just under 8 lb
• Small footprint - just over 5 inches, same size as a regular #28 winch
• Working load of 1,870 lb matches that of competitors' #40 winches
• Hauling power of a #45 winch
• Floating self-tailing jaws accept a range of line sizes
• Corrosion resistant components
• Black hard anodized aluminum drum
• Corrosion resistant components
• Easy to maintain
• 5 year limited warranty

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