Slow Hardener - Pro-Set Laminating Epoxy
Pro-Set Slow Laminating Epoxy Hardener

Slow Hardener - Pro-Set Laminating Epoxy

For Use With Any Pro-Set Laminating Resin

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Pro-Set professional Laminating Epoxies are a versatile system of liquid resins and hardeners designed for high volume, wet lay-up, laminating applications. Available in three resin viscosity formulations and five hardener speeds (some by special order), 15 "off-the-shelf" resin/hardener combinations are possible to meet a wide range of manufacturing and ambient temperature requirements.
Additionally, the hardeners may be blended for even more latitude in meeting specific needs.

Use Pro-Set epoxies to produce lightweight, high-performance composite structures that will withstand long-term cyclic loading in the harshest environments. These epoxies bond to core materials, wood, metal, and all reinforcing fabrics. They offer excellent moisture resistance, toughness and superior resistance to heat and fatigue. Pro-Set Laminating Epoxies develop excellent physical properties at room temperature and may be post-cured for enhanced performance. Each resin/hardener combination will go through the same cure phases, but at different rates. Choose the hardener that gives you adequate working time for the job you are doing at the temperature and conditions you are working under. PRO-SET Hardeners may also be mixed to provide a custom blend with an intermediate cure time. Pro-Set has Resin/Hardener Technical Data Sheets available to compare the curing and handling characteristics of blended hardeners; call us for assistance at 800-426-6930.

• 150 gm pot life at 77°F (25°C) = 128 - 163 min
• 500 gm pot life at 77°F (25°C) = 102 - 107 min
• Approximate working time at 77°F (25°C) = 7 - 8 hr
• Minimum shelf life is 2 years in unopened factory container (store at room temperature)
• Group 1 mixed volume is approximately 1.3 gallons
• Group 2 mixed volume is approximately 5.5 gallons
• Group 3 mixed volume is approximately 18.5 gallons
• Group 4 mixed volume is approximately 70 gallons

Note that to ensure proper mixing, which is crucial for expected performance, Pro-Set offers dyes for resin and hardener as a visual control of mixing thoroughness. A yellow dye (#551) in the resin and a blue dye (#552) in the hardener will yield a consistent shade of green when the proper ratio of resin/hardener is thoroughly mixed. Streaking due to insufficiently mixed resin and hardener is very apparent. See Related Products, below.

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