200 Series Turbine Series Replacement Elements

200 Turbine Series Replacement Elements

200 Series Turbine Filtration Elements in 2, 10 and 30 microns
By: Racor

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These are genuine Aquabloc® replacement filter elements that meet all OEM fuel injection system specifications.
Be sure to specify the micron rating when ordering. Replacement elements come with new O-rings.

Element color coding —
Red = 30 micron - typically used for primary filtration to lengthen the service life of filters further downstream
Blue = 10 micron - typically for secondary filtration
Brown = 2 micron - for final filtration

• Removes asphaltenes, water, gums, and varnishes from fuel
• Also filters out tiny particles of dirt, tank wall debris, algae, and dead bacteria sludge from biocide-treated fuel
• Element top cap is color coded and includes handles for easy servicing
• A pop-out filter bypass button in the top cap allows for bypassing a clogged filter element in a dire emergency
• Polymer end-caps will not corrode, ever

What is Aquabloc?   Why is it important?
The actual "filtering" part of the element, the Aquabloc® media, is a complex, multi-layered blend of high-grade cellulose compounded with synthetic nano-fibers for filtering increasingly smaller particles as the fuel approaches the center of the element. This is combined with a unique, permanent waterproofing chemical treatment applied to the fibers.
Water will not cling to or get absorbed into the filter media as the Aquabloc® totally repels it.
The result is near 100% water separation and particulate filtering.

Fuel contaminated with water and dirt is the number one cause of diesel engine failure.
Make certain that you replace your Turbine Series filter elements only with genuine Racor Aquabloc® elements.
While many others try to imitate the construction and performance of Aquabloc filters, only the genuine article delivers the fit and performance specified by engine manufacturers, and guarantees that your Racor filter and water separator will deliver the protection you count on.

All this is especially important with modern diesel engines which inject fuel at 25,000 to 30,000 psi instead of 3,000 psi like the diesel on your grandfather's boat.
Water and contaminants in high pressure fuel systems can easily damage expensive injector pumps and injectors.

Competing, poorly constructed filter elements using low quality media, will perform poorly and can get blocked 70% sooner than Aquabloc media. When this happens, they can allow internal bypassing - permitting dirty fuel and water to pass through.
Poor quality elements are especially susceptible to damage from biodiesel fuel blends - which are becoming increasingly common. The animal fats and enzymes in biodiesel require a sophisticated pore size sequence in the media and can also destroy the element's seals within the service period.
Surprisingly, very few of competing copycat filter elements actually meet OEM specifications - allowing damaging water and smaller particles to reach the engine.

With an Aquabloc replacement filter, you get a complete kit with all the biodiesel-resistant seals you need.

Always carry extra Racor fuel filters as one tankful of dirty fuel can quickly clog a filter.
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