SNAPP Disposable Marine Fuel Filter & Water Separator

SNAPP Disposable Marine Fuel Filter & Water Separator

40* GPH Gasoline; 26 GPH Diesel • One-Piece, High-Performance Snap-In Gasoline Outboard or Diesel Filter
By: Racor

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Forget multi-piece filters with glass bowls. Forget messy filter change-outs. SNAPP is a one-piece fuel filter, water separator, and housing that is super convenient to use.
Fast, easy, clean — the SNAPP offers big protection for small engines up to 26 horsepower. This is the filter to use for your gasoline outboard.
No tools are needed - when it’s time for service, simply snap in a new filter. Fast installation, and a patented, simple priming system that uses the fuel in the old unit to prime the new one (outlet of old to inlet of new), means that protecting your expensive engine is now... a SNAPP.

The SNAPP features two key Racor innovations — the superior water-catching protection of Racor's state-of-the-art Aquabloc® filter media, and a rugged clear bowl that allows for at-a-glance inspection for water in the fuel - a significant advantage when troubleshooting engine problems.

• Use for gasoline, E10 gasoline, diesel, and bio-diesel
• Especially well-suited for gasoline powered outboard engines
• Included quick-connect fittings permanently attach to the ends of your 3/8" fuel hose, and simply snap onto the filter ports for fast and confident connections
• Quick-release squeeze tabs easily release the filter body from its bracket
• The filter body is symmetric - so it can snap into the bracket with the inlet port on either side to meet your installation requirements
• Permanent mounting bracket is stainless steel for withstanding corrosive environments
• Heavy-duty, high-impact, nylon construction won’t ever rust or corrode, even in humid conditions
• Self-venting drain means easy service with no mess – twist, drain, done
• Small footprint/small space - just 4" wide x 8" high and with as little as 2" between the mounting bolts
• Low clearances - filter change requires only 2.5" clearance beyond the bracket (6.6" from the bulkhead) - and no tools!

* Important Flow Rate Info...
The maximum 40 gph flow rate is only for gasoline applications, and only using the 2 micron rated filter element. The 2 micron filter element is rated up to 26 gph for diesel applications.
10 and 30 micron filter elements are rated up to 26 gph for either gasoline or diesel applications.

SNAPP fuel filter water separators are packaged for a first installation with mounting bracket and quick connect fittings. The replacement kit includes a new SNAPP filter and a connection tube for priming.

Heavy on the technical side...

Media Selection:
Choose 2 micron if the filter is the final filter before fuel reaches the engine, or if 40 gph (151 lph) gasoline flow is required.
If the filter is a pre-filter to another filter, then choose 10 or 30 micron. 30 micron will last longer but allows more contaminants to reach the final filter.

How it Works:
Patented Aquabloc® media has long been at the heart of Racor’s world-class filtration. 99% of any free water in the fuel is blocked by the specially treated composite media, where it collects into larger drops that fall into the transparent collection bowl. Up to 99% of dirt and rust particles are trapped by the large media surface area, guaranteeing superior fuel injection system protection.
Aquabloc media is a blend of high-grade cellulose compounded with engineered fibers and then chemically treated to repel water.
Filter elements are available in 2, 10, or 30 micron ratings and are compatible with diesel, B-20 biofuels, gasoline, and E10.
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