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WS310 Wired Wind Pack with 35m Cable and Interface

B&G Electronics

WS310 Wired Wind Sensor, Interface, Cable

Available in 7 options

$99.00 - $709.00

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WS320 Wireless Wind Sensors

B&G Electronics

WS320 Wireless Wind Sensor

Available in 3 options

$29.99 - $799.99

Out of Stock
main of B&G Electronics Sail Performance Sensor Pack

B&G Electronics

Sail Performance Sensor Pack

SKU: 1041090 | Item ID: BNG 000-15974-001


Special Order Only
Triton Edge Sailing Processor - 12/24V

B&G Electronics

Triton Edge Sailing Processor

SKU: 1041070 | Item ID: BNG 000-15134-001


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