304 SS "Micro" Solid Band Hose Clamps

304 SS "Micro" Solid Band Hose Clamps

3/8" Solid Band • Sizes G8 to G17 • All Stainless Steel - Even the Screw

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These 316 stainless ABA hose clamps supersede the 316 stainless AWAB hose clamps Fisheries has carried.
ABA owns and manufactures both the ABA and the AWAB hose clamp brands in the same factory. They are identical in every way.

ABA all-304 stainless steel mini clamps are especially suitable for use on hoses and tubing less than 3/4" in diameter.
Mini hose clamps have an unbroken band with rounded edges. The band is folded over to retain the nut, and together with the small screw-thread pitch, provides self-locking characteristics.

• Provides an evenly distributed clamping force and sealing properties
• The 304 stainless steel screw is zinc plated for protection from galling when installed by machine

• No perforations in the band to minimize hose damage
• Rolled up band edges to minimize hose damage
• Band tongue protects hose from damage by screw threads
• Made with cold-rolled stainless steel to Swedish Standard SS 1265
• Acid resistant
• Captive nut stays put - even when the screw is removed
• Hex head Philips drive worm screw 9/32" (7mm) across flats - can be tightened with screwdriver or hex driver
• Width of band - 3/8" (9mm)
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382029SCA 13508 13508Loading...304 SS Hose Clamp - Size G8   (Hose OD 0.30 - 0.34 Inches)Loading...
382025SCA 13509 13509Loading...304 SS Hose Clamp - Size G9   (Hose OD 0.34 - 0.37 Inches)Loading...
382026SCA 13510 13510Loading...304 SS Hose Clamp - Size G10   (Hose OD 0.37 - 0.43 Inches)Loading...
382014SCA 13511 13511Loading...304 SS Hose Clamp - Size G11   (Hose OD 0.41 - 0.47 Inches)Loading...
382018SCA 13512 13512Loading...304 SS Hose Clamp - Size G12   (Hose OD 0.45 - 0.51 Inches)Loading...
382020SCA 13513 13513Loading...304 SS Hose Clamp - Size G13   (Hose OD 0.49 - 0.55 Inches)Loading...
382011SCA 13514 13514Loading...304 SS Hose Clamp - Size G14   (Hose OD 0.53 - 0.59 Inches)Loading...
382019SCA 13515 13515Loading...304 SS Hose Clamp - Size G15   (Hose OD 0.57 - 0.63 Inches)Loading...
382013SCA 13516 13516Loading...304 SS Hose Clamp - Size G16   (Hose OD 0.59 - 0.67 Inches)Loading...
382015SCA 13517 13517Loading...304 SS Hose Clamp - Size G17   (Hose OD 0.63 - 0.71 Inches)Loading...
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