The Sea-Hook Claw Anchor
The Sea-Hook Claw Anchor
The Sea-Hook Claw Anchor

The Sea-Hook Galvanized Claw Anchor

A Good Choice for the West Coast of the USA

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A popular general purpose anchor designed to right itself and quickly dig in, no matter how it lands on the bottom. Heat treated C1035 galvanized steel or 316 stainless steel.
• Resets quickly with a change in direction of pull
• Breaks out easily when pulled vertically for raising
• 4.4 to 66 lbs. models are investment cast
• 110 and 165 lbs. models are sand cast
• Note: the table below is based on the manufacturer's recommendations, and is meant as a guide only. If you are in doubt about the appropriate choice of anchor for your boat, please call us for advice.
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Sku#Item IDSea-Dog Line#AvailabilityDescriptionUOMYour PriceQTY
126915SDL 318502 318502Loading...The Sea-Hook Galvanized Claw Anchor, 4.4 lbs. (13 to 18 ft. Boat)Loading...
126916SDL 318503 318503Loading...The Sea-Hook Galvanized Claw Anchor, 7.7 lbs. (13 to 18 ft. Boat)Loading...
126917SDL 318505 318505Loading...The Sea-Hook Galvanized Claw Anchor, 11 lbs. (19 to 23 ft. Boat)Loading...
126918SDL 318507 318507Loading...The Sea-Hook Galvanized Claw Anchor, 16 lbs. (24 to 30 ft. Boat)Loading...
126919SDL 318510 318510Loading...The Sea-Hook Galvanized Claw Anchor, 22 lbs. (31 to 35 ft. Boat)Loading...
126920SDL 318513 318513Loading...The Sea-Hook Galvanized Claw Anchor, 28 lbs. (31 to 35 ft. Boat)Loading...
126921SDL 318515 318515Loading...The Sea-Hook Galvanized Claw Anchor, 33 lbs. (36 to 40 ft. Boat)Loading...
126922SDL 318520 318520Loading...The Sea-Hook Galvanized Claw Anchor, 44 lbs. (41 to 47 ft. Boat)Loading...
126923SDL 318530 318530Loading...The Sea-Hook Galvanized Claw Anchor, 66 lbs. (48 to 63 ft. Boat)Loading...
126924SDL 318550 318550Loading...The Sea-Hook Galvanized Claw Anchor, 110 lbs. (64 to 92 ft. Boat)Loading...
126925SDL 318580 318580Loading...The Sea-Hook Galvanized Claw Anchor, 165 lbs. (93 to 120 ft. Boat)Loading...
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