Product Spotlight – Sirius SOS Distress Light

Sirius SOS Distress Signal LightWhat is a Sirius SOS Distress Light?

The SOS C-1003 Distress Light & Flag Kit includes a lightweight, hand-held, battery operated, super-bright LED light and a daytime signal flag meant to replace flares during a boating emergency. The LED light lasts for HOURS (instead of minutes) and unlike a flare, it will not set anything on fire or potentially drip molten residue on your hand.

Does the SOS Distress Signal Count as a Flare?

YES! The Sirius (formerly Sirius Signal) SOS Distress Light is the first (and as of July, 2016, the only) LED visual distress signal device accepted to completely replace pyrotechnic flares for nighttime use.

SOS Signal Light and Daytime Distress Signal FlagDo I need three of them to comply with the USCG regulations?

No – you just need one SOS Distress Light, plus the included daytime distress signal flag, to meet all USCG requirements for day OR night visual distress signals. For more information on US Coast Guard requirements onboard your boat, read the pamphlet here.

Why is the SOS Distress Light better than flares?

While we hope you never have to live that moment of panic when you need help the most – if you do, would you rather figure out how to use your flares or click an on/off button?

At Fisheries Supply, we think this is one of the biggest safety innovations in years and we are proud to promote it or anything else that helps boaters stay safe on the water. Purchase your Sirius SOS Distress Light today!