SeaStar Power Steering Cylinder
SeaStar Power Steering Cylinder
Diagram of SeaStar Power Steering Cylinder
Power Steering System Diagram

SeaStar Power Steering Twin Cylinder 9" x 2.5"

Effortless steering | Automatic manual back up | Multiple steering stations

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These cylinders are part of the SeaStar Power Steering system - meant for boats over 55 feet. Please note these are ONLY the cylinder portion of the system. For more information see below and for help choosing components, consult the link below for the SeaStar Hydraulic Steering catalog.

Larger yachts require a larger steering system to handle the higher loads typically seen at the rudder(s). The SeaStar Power Steering system consists of two distinct operating circuits:
• a "manual" operated hydraulic system, consisting of a standard SeaStar Helm pump and a hydraulic steering cylinder (fitted with integral servo cylinder and power steering valve), and
• a "power" steering system consisting of either an engine driven pump (conventional), or, an eclectically driven power assist pump (electric).
The manual circuit provides the control portion of the steering system and the power circuit provides the power to turn the rudder(s). SeaStar manufactures two options for the power circuit. Regardless of the power option you choose, the correct steering cylinder(s) and helm pump(s) (manual circuit) will need to be determined first. The power steering cylinders as well as the helm pump are common between the two "power" systems. Before choosing your preferred "power" option, you must determine what cylinder is required for your application. For more information on choosing your system, please consult the link below for the SeaStar Hydraulic Steering catalog.

• Effortless steering from docking to top speed
• Responsive steering 3-1/2 turns, lock to lock (or to suit)
• Automatic manual back up steering
• Multiple steering stations
• Easy autopilot interfact

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