MVS 40 IX Marine Water Heater
MVS 40 IX Marine Water Heater

MVS 40 IX Marine Vertical Water Heater - 40 Gallon

40 Gallons | Vertical | Stainless Steel
By: Torrid

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Marine water heaters use circulating engine coolant or an AC electrical source to heat water from the boat’s potable water supply.

Torrid focuses exclusively on manufacturing marine water heaters - and they know their stuff.
Since 1979 their water heaters have been known for long service and fast recovery times – whether from engine coolant while underway, or from either dockside or generator electric supply.

And now, Torrid has introduced the new IX Line of water heaters which incorporates significant engineering improvements for superior performance over their previous heaters – preserving their reputation as the premier water heaters in the marine marketplace.

The IX Line offers improvements over their prior water heaters in the following ways:
• IX models have a longer, high performance engine coolant heat exchanger that is 2-1/2 times more effective at transferring heat as previous models – for abundant hot water while underway. This also means faster hot water at engine startup, and less engine running time if you’re running your engine just to make hot water.
• In the IX models, all water tank components are now porcelain (glass) coated – like a thermos bottle – minimizing both the possibility of corrosion, and the exposure of your water to metallic impurities.
The non-porous glass surface also deters bacterial growth.
• New easy access port for changing the anode.
• Although the new IX water heater dimensions and capacities are the same as Torrid’s previous models, the heat exchanger external connections are now separate 3/4” male NPT ports (connect using a common 3/4” coupler fitting), instead of the former side-by-side female connectors.
• IX Line water heaters are available in capacities from 6 to 80 gallons.

Of course, the new IX water heaters incorporate Torrid’s other proven technologies:
• Marine grade 304 stainless steel jacket, pan, top lid, and all hardware – for superior corrosion resistance and good looks. Models above 17 gallons are also available with a powder-coated gloss white exterior over the stainless steel
• Internal water tank is ASME™ approved and tested to withstand pressures up to 300 psi, with an operating pressure of 150 psi
• UL listed Incoloy sheathed stainless steel electric heating element is superior to the commonly used copper. It is more resistant to chlorine in shore side water and will not burn out – even if the tank runs dry. Stock elements are 120V/1500W and 240V/1500W or 3000W. Three-phase elements are available as a custom option in heaters over 20 gallons
• Features foam (instead of fiberglass) insulation – provides superior heat retention and reduces heat loss to as little as 2°F per hour!
• Oversize magnesium anode rod for maximum electrolysis protection
• Adjustable thermostat (120° to 180°) is ignition protected and is manufactured specifically for marine water heaters, with the cutoff set at 200°F – so normal fluctuations of engine water temperatures will not cause nuisance tripping of the circuit breaker
• USCG approved ASME temperature/pressure relief valve (210°F, 100 psi)
• Tin-plated (ABYC approved) wiring
• Water inlet and outlet, and heat exchanger ports are 3/4” NPT (ports extend about 1-1/2” from side of heater)
The hot water outlet port incorporates a PEX dip tube to eliminate trapped air (released from the water)
• Heavy duty floor mounting brackets for offshore security (feet extend about 1-1/2” from side of heater)
• Engine heat exchanger can also be plumbed to an onboard generator or hydronic heating system
• Factory inspected and pressure tested; ignition protected; UL listed components
• Replacement parts available
• 5 year warranty
• Made on Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA

Any model of stainless steel water heater can be ordered with white powder coating for an additional fee.
Custom options are also available for an additional fee including various AC electrical sources (including 3-phase power) and multiple heat exchanger options. Please inquire with your Fisheries representative at 800-426-6930.

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