Clearwater Watermakers
Clearwater Watermakers

Clearwater Watermaker - Semi-Modular Versions

400 - 1500 Gal/Day - Extremely Compact • 115V AC

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The Clearwater Super Compact Watermakers offer all the features you would expect in high-quality reverse osmosis units costing hundreds of dollars more - including a remote control, and automatic fresh water flush.

They utilize a corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel pressure regulating valve and pump head (with a lifetime guarantee), all stainless steel fittings, and glycerin-filled pressure gauges for stable readings.

US Watermaker products are made with non-proprietary, industry-standard components, so if there is ever the need, parts are available world-wide.

• Dependable, purpose-built, 316 stainless steel, direct-drive seawater Cat Pumps brand high pressure desalination pump
• Completely digital electronic control panel
• Remote control comes with 50 ft of cable with secure CAT5 connections - which won't vibrate loose; it includes On/Off function and indicators for feed pump, pressure pump, pressure fault and high product salinity
• Voltage:   115V AC single phase; 230V AC single phase available by special order - please call 206-632-4462
• 3 freshwater flush programs — every shutdown, every 10 days, and manual flush
• Spring-loaded pressure regulator, with safety cut-out
• Easy-access 1/4-turn pressure bypass valve for cleaning and maintenance
• Strong fiberglass pressure vessel is guaranteed to be leak-free for life
• Spiral-wound membranes have a 3-year, pro-rated warranty; set of cleaning chemicals included
• Semi-Modular units feature a 12"H x 24"W x 14"D powder-coated aluminum frame that contains all components — except the included remote mounted magnetic drive saltwater feed pump, saltwater pre-filter, and freshwater flush filter
The high capacity 1200 and 1500 GPD units have longer, 43" pressure vessels which mount on the outside of the back of the frame; there is an option for the pressure vessels to be mounted in a separate assembly
• Weights for the entire system range from 96 to 134 lb
• 1-year warranty, except as noted above
• Made in USA

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215575UWM CW-400SM CW-400SMLoading...Clearwater Watermaker - 400 Gal⁄Day Semi-Modular, 115V ACLoading...
215576UWM CW-600SM CW-600SMLoading...Clearwater Watermaker - 600 Gal⁄Day Semi-Modular, 115V ACLoading...
367431UWM CW-800SM-2 CW-800SM-2Loading...Clearwater Watermaker - 800 Gal⁄Day Semi-Modular - 2 Tubes, 115V ACLoading...
215579UWM CW-800SM-4 CW-800SM-4Loading...Clearwater Watermaker - 800 Gal⁄Day Semi-Modular - 4 Tubes, 115V ACLoading...
218338UWM CW-1200SM CW-1200SMLoading...Clearwater Watermaker - 1200 Gal⁄Day Semi-Modular, 115V ACLoading...
218339UWM CW-1500SM CW-1500SMLoading...Clearwater Watermaker - 1500 Gal⁄Day Semi-Modular, 115V ACLoading...
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