e-Panel 3P - On/Off/Auto Remote Control Panel with Timed Alarm Mute Switch

e-Panel 3P - On/Off/Auto Control -Timed Alarm Mute

On/Off/Auto Switch Functions | 100% Waterproof Panel

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Captains and crew want the ability to mute an audible alarm during an equipment malfunction or emergency. However, there is concern that the mute feature will accidentally be left on, rendering the audible alarm inactive — even though an alarm condition may still exist.
The e-Panel P series with Inteli-mute is the answer. Inteli-Mute eliminates the possibility of the mute button being "accidentally" activated and forgotten about by monitoring the alarm state and reminding you periodically that the mute switch is still active.

The e-panel 3P On/Off/Auto Series is an alarm/monitor panel which is connected to a remotely controlled device such as a bilge pump with its own float switch (hence the "Auto" function).
The panel sounds a continuous alarm if the float switch activates the bilge pump and it runs for more than 2 mintues -- signalling a potentially dangerous situation. (Over two minutes of running is the built-in time limit the panel considers an "alarm condition".) The alarm sounds as long as the bilge pump continues to operate.

Pushing the mute button on the panel silences the alarm, but leaves the back-lit Mute button flashing as a visual reminder that the device is still running.

After 5 minutes, Inteli-Mute checks to see if the device is still operating. If so, Inteli-Mute reactivates the audible alarm, warning you that an alarm condition is still present and needs to be resolved.

If after 5 minutes when Inteli-Mute checks for an alarm condition, there is no alarm condition or the alarm condition has been resolved, Inteli-Mute resets the panel to the "Ready" mode to wait for the next alert.

• Includes panel-mounted ATO fuse
• 20 Amp, sealed 3-way switch

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