Compact Drive Wiper Motor Systems
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Compact Drive Wiper Motor Systems

28 N·m Torque • Use with Radial or Pantograph Arms

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For radial and pantograph applications from 20" - 31-1/2" (500-800 mm), the Wexco Compact Drive is the most flexible wiper module on the market.
Wipe angles from 40° - 108° can either be factory set, or changed in the field.
A two speed, 28 N-m motor provides plenty of torque to drive stainless steel pivots, clearing your field of vision, and keeping you safe on the water.
Requires user supplied switch.

• Motor: 28 N·m torque (∼20.6 ft·lb of force); CE certified
• Shaft: stainless steel; available in 1", 2", or 3" thread lengths (eqivalent to other manufacturers' 1-1/2", 2-1/2", and 3-1/2" overall lengths, respectively)
• Speeds: low speed = 35 sweeps/min, high speed = 54 sweeps/min
• Park: dynamic parking internal drive; user adjustable left or right
• Sweep: user adjustable 40° - 105°, in 5° increments
• Open linkage - no case

Heavy on the technical side...

Definition of Park Position
Park position is determined by 3 factors: the position of the observer, the position of the motor, and the position of the blades in the parked (off) position.
It is always assumed that the observer is outside the cabin, looking at the windshield.
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