Wichinox - Stainless Steel Etcher⁄Cleaner

Wichinox - Stainless Steel Etcher/Cleaner

Corrosion Treatment & Inhibitor
By: Wichard

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Paste for cleaning and passivation of stainless steel. The phosphoric acid component of Wichinox restores the passive oxide film on the metal surface, thus eliminating the electrical pathway for corrosive currents.
Use Wichinox for treating specific corrosion or pitting - it is not meant for routine maintenance.

• Ensures a spotless appearance
• Extends product service life
• Will not affect plastics
• Easy to use paste formulation
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This stuff work!, September 14, 2014
I have used up my first bottle and am buying two more. I first used it on my old Magma grill that was brown. It definitely did not look like stainless. It took a couple of applications and I let it sit for 30 minutes but the change was dramatic. I also used it on my 27 year old lifelines. They were vinyl coated and the racing regs require bare stainless. I peeled off the vinyl and the wire was sticky and stained red with surface rust but otherwise looked good. I rubbed on Wichinox let it sit a few minutes and hosed it off. They look like new.
By Hayden from Oak Harboe
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