Noflex Digestor - Odor Eliminator & Sewage Treatment

Noflex Digestor - Odor Eliminator & Sewage Treatment

Reduces Sludge and Controls Unwanted Odors
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Noflex Digestor is an oxygen producing powder used to treat sludge and odor problems in marine and RV holding tanks. Use it on a regular basis for odor-free system maintenance. It also works great in home and cabin septic systems.
On contact with waste, Noflex Digestor liquifies sludge and neutralizes odors. This solves smell and solids build-up problems, and makes for easy and complete pump outs.

Over time holding tank systems can be plagued by the build-up of anaerobic sludge (waste and dead bacteria) in the piping system and holding tank. The resulting noxious fumes and unpleasant odors can vent into passenger spaces and dock areas.
As it is flushed through the system, Noflex cleans away this sludge and stops smells from leaching through hose walls - one of the main sources of objectionable odors.
Once inside the holding tank, the Noflex reacts in seconds, chemically neutralizing odors, instead of just masking them. Heavier than water, Noflex sinks to the bottom of your holding tank where bacterial sludge is concentrated. Upon contact with the sludge, it releases micro-bubbles of oxygen that break up the sludge and simultanously promote the growth of naturally occurring bacteria - which consume the odor-causing sludge in the tank.

Customers come back and thank us for suggesting that they use this product to solve sanitation odor problems - it's that good.

• Does not contain enzymes, biocides, formaldehyde, or perfumes
• Quickly neutralizes hydrogen sulfides (that rotten egg odor), cleans hoses, and liquefies solids in your holding tank
• Safe on plastics, cast iron, and copper piping
• Breaks down organics in the waste water, and liquefies solids and greases for easy pump-outs
Do not combine with other sanitation system treatments or chemicals
• Using Noflex Digestor on a regular basis will remove sludge inside hoses and stop odor permeation into living spaces
• Fisheries recommends using a level capful every day while cruising, and a double dose prior to leaving the vessel, for a fresh head and sanitation system when you return
• A 16 oz jar typically lasts a full-time cruising couple one month
• Older hoses can be washed on the outside to remove odors or stains
• Can be used to neutralize surface odors and treat sewage spills - just sprinkle it on and wet with a mist of water to activate

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