Z-Care Bilge Cleaner
Z-Care Bilge Cleaner

Z-Care Bilge Cleaner

Uses Natural Enzymes

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Z Care Bilge Cleaner is bioremedial. It contains billions of microbes that eat oil. If you keep Z Care Bilge Concentrate in your bilge on a regular basis. (Add a couple of cups a month) you don’t have to worry. Those drops of oil or diesel are consumed in the bilge. The result is water and carbon dioxide, not a big oil slick.

Z Care Bilge Cleaner is a process not an application. Bilge systems are made to operate as they fill and whatever is there goes overboard. With Z Care Bilge Concentrate in your bilge, you have a constant cleaning process going on. The use of your boat with the movement and heat generated from engines clean every part of your bilge. Old looks new and grime is dissolved away. The process continues to keep the bilge area clean, fresh smelling and protects you from adding hydrocarbons to the environment. This process works on all types of boats - wood, gel coat, metal, and painted surfaces.

Prevention is easy. Add Z Care Bilge Concentrate to your bilge, keeping a 10% solution of Cleaner to water, on a regular basis!

The specs on Z Care 10 to 1 Bilge Concentrate:

• Use a 10% Concentration of Bilge Cleaner in Bilge Water
• Z Care works with Salt or Fresh Water
• Read and follow all of the directions on the label
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