9000 Series MicroCommander Actuator

9000 Series MicroCommander Actuator

For Boats w/ Mechanical Shift | For Boats w/ Mechan. Throttle

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Superior to mechanical and hydraulic engine controls with their attendant "throttle creep", and the need for periodic adjustment, the MicroCommander provides precise electronic control for vessels with both mechanical shift and mechanical throttle controls.
A single lever controls both clutch and throttle for each engine.

The MicroCommander is designed for recreational, sport, and commercial vessels from 25 ft to 100 ft, using single or twin engines from 100 to 1000 horsepower.

Within the microcontroller, or actuator, electronic impluses are converted into mechanical output to operate the vessel's throttle and clutch mechanisms.
With operator control heads mounted virtually anywhere on the vessel, proprietary software provides instant, precise response in any maneuver, under any conditions.

The MicroCommander sequential operation provides safety and protection for engine and transmission — in emergency situations, or when docking under adverse conditions, the skipper can maneuver from full ahead to full astern in one quicjk shift without risk of damaging the drive train or engine.

Electronic control connections are via shielded electric cables.
Mechanical control connections are via standard 33C type push-pull cables.

The MicroCommander installs easily on new boats, or as a retrofit on an existing vessel.
The MicroCommander unit can be mounted wherever convenient, close to the engine, keeping mechanical cable runs short.

Plug-in Installation —Supplied plug-in wire harnesses eliminate the need for intricate wiring, and reduce installation times. Custom wiring kits are available for production builders. With plug connectors, CruiseCommand and the 9000 Series make installation easier, cutting labor time significantly. Determine cable length, engine and gear requirements and you’re ready to plug in this system. To make it even easier, we’ll provide custom kits to meet specific needs for production builders.

Push Button Set Up: Push button set up makes configuring the parameters for your controls easier than ever before. Simply enter in the parameter code and the processor instantly makes the correct adjustments. Changing configurations at a later time to meet new specifications is just as easy.

Start Interlock: Our neutral start interlock feature prevents engine start up unless controls are on and in neutral and a station is in command.

Sequencing Technology: Speed/shift sequence protection allows shifting from full ahead to full astern in one motion while preventing damage to the engine or gear. Designed with safety in mind, this sequencing technology allows you to respond instantly to emergency situations.

Synchronization: Engine synchronization is standard on the MicroCommander processor. Synchronization automatically maintains the same speed on multiple engines, thereby increasing operating efficiency, improving fuel economy and reducing noise and vibration. One lever operation is available, allowing control of multiple engines and transmissions with one lever.

Multiple Control Stations: The processor has the capability of supporting multiple control stations, which allows use of an optional handheld control unit, in addition to mounted control heads. The MicroCommander provides connections for four remote control stations.

Built-in Diagnostic Display: The processor features a display unit which provides information for set up, system status, or diagnostic purposes.

Troll: The processor controls mechanical or electronic trolling valves or ZF Autotroll. This feature controls clutch slippage while maintaining slow engine speed and enhancing fuel economy. A full range of shaft speeds remain available from any station, without additional switches.

Standard Features —
• Effortless fingertip lever control
• Plug-in connections
• Pu
Reviewed by1customer 
Simple reliable system for mech engines, January 11, 2013
Relatively simple system reliable and cost effective. I install lots of these on commercial fishing vessels. After installed and adjusted (shift and throttle throw directions and end stops, shift delay type) use is straightforward and uncomplicated. I occasionally run into a failing control head (typically mounted outside year round and in severe weather and after years the potentiometer inside gets corrosion in it or when a 1" line rips a lever off) but it only takes a few minutes to swap one out and unlike some systems the control heads are relatively inexpensive. It's also convenient to not have specialized plugs on the control heads so the standard 8 conductor wire can be pulled from the actuator to control head or vice versa during initial installation. Also no plug to have to fit through wire runs or bulkhead penetrations like some other brands. Overall a great system for single and multiple control stations and single and twin mechanical shift and throttle engines (I've installed single and dual engine setups w 3+ stations and works flawlessly). Micro commanders have been around for a while also which is better than some competing systems which came and went and no longer offer parts. If you change engines its also possible to run a pot from the throttle cable and not replace the control system
By Boat_Bum10 from Warrenton, OR
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