Automatic Engine Shutdown System  -  ELS Series

Automatic Engine Shutdown System - ELS Series

Designed for Today's Electronic Engines
By: Fireboy

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These engine shutdown devices are designed to be used with Fireboy automatic fire extinguishing systems. Compressed gas suppressants such as FE-241® and HFC-227ea will not stall a diesel engine. If fire breaks out aboard a diesel powered vessel, the engine(s) must be shut down immediately for the Fireboy fire extinguisher system to effectively extinguish the fire. Continued engine operation may remove the agent, lowering the concentration required to effectively extinguish the fire, making an Engine Shutdown System necessary. The ELS Series Engine Shutdowns were developed for low current, electronically controlled engines. Featuring sealed relays with gold-plated contacts for both engine and auxiliary (generator, louvers, etc.) circuits, the ELS series are guaranteed to operate in all electronic engine applications.
• 12, 24 and 32 VDC compatible
• Terminal block connections feature SS screws and contact points for greater reliability
• High temperature plastic housing designed to withstand the extreme marine environment
• Helm station display monitor equipped with green "Charged" and red "Dishcharged" lights
• Override toggle switch for restart
• Integrated 85dB alarm horn
• Includes a molded three-prong connector for easy connection to engine shutdown control box
• Engine shutdown control box features pre-connected wiring with two polarized plugs for easy connection to helm station display module

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